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    Anirac Morgan

    Shower meditation

    It kind of my favourite meditation method/type, and the only one I have found so far that will allow me to clear my head completely of every stray thought, other than those directly tied to the experience of the moment.

    First the water is hot. I turn up the temperature pretty high. I’ll wash my hair and everything, and then just stand in it for a bit and enjoy the feeling and sound of water running. Eventually I’ll get to that point where it seems like I can feel thousands of drops, almost like I can feel every drop that hits me. My face, palms and fingers really getting sensitive. I’ll just stand there and feel the drops hitting, while getting breath in between letting it rain on my face. I’ll do this for, perhaps 10 or 15 minutes? It’s hard to say, time tends to stop and I get a sense of having lost my ability to measure it at that point. Like the whole world is gone, and I am resting in this perfect eternal moment. Eventually I start cooling the water, bit by bit, until it’s pretty cold.

    It makes me feel really soothed and refreshed, more so than a nap or a bit of rest could. I had a good session of this today, and it really does make me feel like for the time I do it, I am really and truly just at one with the body, like mind and body melts together. I don’t think or reflect, just feel warm and comforted. For a short while I am not my mind at all, like it’s all blending together, my mind and my body, but also my body and the water.

    Like I am physically and spiritually awake, beyond just mental consciousness.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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