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    Recently I have been experiencing flashes of Anger. It ususally ends up on other people, but it’s really just me mad at my self. I appologize afterwards, but I still dislike having them because It’s not really that fun for people around me and myself. Can anyone offer advice in how do supress or control these flashes of emotion?


    If I knew, I wouldn’t have them myself the past few days.  ;-)

    The problem is, there is rarely one cause of the anger, and you need to get to the root of the problem.  However, the first step is to catch yourself and step away from the situation, figuratively and literally.  Then, try not to return until you’ve actually calmed down and found a way to look at the situation differently.  Otherwise, you end up triggering the same issue. 

    I’ll see what others say, as I’m quite tired and hungry right now and find it difficult to think.  :-)


    Well, IMO i would never suppress emotions, that is dangerous, they can build until you have to release them and more then likely it will be in a way you will really regret. Secondly, you can try to control them yes, but that may not always work, i would say just try to think of how you feel right then, self-reflect at the very instant that you know you are getting angry, try to find out where the anger is coming from. That often helps for me. Or try to think of a baby laughing or a kitten.
    The last tid bit of advice i can give is find an outlit. It can be anything from debate to art to physical activity. Do something to get that negetive energy out. I hope i have helped.

    Peace! (heeheehee)

    oh, and you can also go to http://www.JediOnline.org they have a few very good article on anger there.


    Hm, I would concur with Innocence’s suggestion for going to Jedi Online, as that seems to be the best culmination of all the decent, helpful lectures.

    As for your anger flashes, these things come and go.  I still experience them every now and then, and honestly(stealing someone’s quote here hehehe) this is part of what makes us human.

    Don’t have it in your head that just because you are a training as a Jedi that all of the sudden you won’t be angry or sad, or feel any types of emotions.  We have to work at being both Jedi AND humans.  So emotions will come naturally, we must except them as they are and act with them accordingly, usually letting them go.

    So the next time you think you are failing or worried about being angry, just remember we are all human ;)



    You know…I have a sort of biological “take” on flashes of anger…

    I think it might be related to the human/animals fight or flight response; even it if is the most intellectually based “upset”.

    I actually came to this understanding through, as a Jedi Online Newbie, considering the Jedi Code.  “There is no emotion, there is peace”.  I dwelled on that line for some time!  LOL….  Then I realized there really is no emotion but for what we create in our own minds and bodies…I suppose one might consider weather appearing “angry” but I dunno…I think it’s pretty scientifically based.

    Now I consider that “Jolt!” of anger I feel, and realize something has really bothered me.  That feeling makes me stop, and if I’m with-it enough, I began some light meditative deep breathing and work into what it all means.  It’s often NOT what I think is making me angry… 

    But then you know there is “hurt” anger…and that is a bit different?  I find that harder to deal with because I know it’s someone who has probably purposely decided to “hurt” me….and that is where I’m still working through it.  It’s not as biological for me…it’s more really wondering why?  Sometimes there is no rational answer…. 

    Ah…but that is my struggle. 

    Just thought I’d add my two cents…

    -Asta Sophi

    Magdelene Nashira

    Usually the root emotion to anger is fear.  Sometimes when I find I am angry if I turn it around and ask myself what I am afraid of in this particular situation that will explain the anger and give me the power to do something about it.  Anger that is reoccurring may feel like you are angry about different things, but when you look at the root fear you find it is the same situation.  Cure the fear and you cure the anger.


    Just to add to all the other great replies, many times anger is due to a failure to meet our own expectations. It’s not a matter of necessarily lowering your expectations but it really might be something else to look at when you are trying to find the root cause of your anger.

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