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    Last night, Zach and I were online talking about this and that and we decided to experiment with sending things telepathically, emotions, thoughts, images, and we got a lot of interesting results.

    We started with strong emotions, joy, hatred, sadness, peacefulness, fear, excitement, etc. One of us would send an emotion, and the other would receive it and try to describe the feeling they got, and see how close they were.

    We then did memories, which became more specific emotions. Zach was very good at detecting these. He even saw the imagery of the memory I sent him.

    We moved onto imagery, visualizing eachother and describing eachothers surroundings which was fairly sucessful.

    We then did simple shapes and colors.

    Zach used his astral guide to channel them, I simply focused my energy. We found that I was far better at sending them, and he was far better at recieving them. Beyond emotions I was pretty hopeless at getting a signal from him. This could have been the distance, but who knows, it’s all very vague.

    I also realized that the safety-netsI set up a year ago to help me deal with my empathic abilities (so I don’t get flooded with other people’s emotions like I was in middle school…) were blocking many of my attempts. When I took them down (I centered them on a piece of jewelry, so I just took it off, I felt much more open, and after about 10 minutes of more sending thoughts and ideas I felt like I was a veritable whirlpool of unfocused energy. I got very dizzy and had to stop and put the ring back on, and went to bed shortly afterwards. I’ve been feeling mostly fine, if not a little off all day today though.

    In all, we accomplished a lot more than I frankly thought was possible. Yes I admit some of this could have been luck (although zach getting the exact feeling and imagry I was sending him- a memory of my fear one time at the ocean has pretty bad odds of happening by chance) but for much of it, especially the strong emotions, we were pretty dead on, until it got a lot more complicated.

    What do you all think? Have you had similar occurances/know something about this sort or thing? I found it really interesting.

    Much love,



    I haven’t tried to do this on purpose, mainly because I’ll think too much and completely destroy the process.  However, it has happened on various occasions.  But, my defenses are so strong that it’s pretty hard for me to get anything.  Also, I’m still learning to relax the logical part of my mind so it can accept more.  It’s a very slow process. 

    I do know that, with a few exceptions, people won’t get a clear read on me beyond surface stuff unless I give them permission.  Otherwise, either my personal defenses kick in, or my guide keeps people out.  Either way, it’s not easy to get information in or out. 

    It’s pretty interesting that you guys found success though.  It’s always better than doing all of that work and not getting anything ;-)

    I watched a special on A&E I think about indigo children and one game they played with the kids involved crystals.  The kids sat back to back, and had the same kinds of stones or crystals in front of them.  A child would pick on and hold it in their hand.  The other child would then try to connect to the other child and determine what they were holding.  Then they would pick up the matching rock from their pile.  The kids were excited because they would get 8 out of 10 correct or so.  It was very cute.  :-)

    My wife’s grandma made her guess who was calling.  It didn’t count if the person calling was a close family member, because that’s too easy to tell apparently.  She got to the point of also being around 80% correct.  She didn’t even realize she was being trained as a kid, she just enjoyed the game.  It turns out she did that with her cousin also.  They’re both pretty gifted, though in slightly different ways. 

    Anyway…sounds like you guys at fun at least.  And it’s good training too!  :-)


    I have had similar exp. with my x-girl and even around general people. I have noticed different moods and movements and do the Anikan racing thing, see before they happen.


    I actually had a similar experience, though not long distance. An old friend of mine, who actually happens to be living near Jax now, and I used to sit together in our Algebra two class when we were in high school. We would both consciously and unconsciously send things to one another telepathically. Sometimes we would say something and the other person would be “Oh my God I was just thinking that” and then we’d sit there and do it on purpose and comment how weird it was when we were able to do it. We found that I was a stronger sender than she was, but she was the stronger receiver.

    There was this one time, where I was writing a poem while near her and the poem, unbeknownst to me, described a certain horrific scene from her past that she had never described in full detail to me. It even went down to having the same exact words that the person had said to her. It kinda freaked her out a little, but was still cool in the end.


    my sister and i used to do this sort of thing all the time.  then she taught me shielding.  i then used my ingenuity to create stronger ways to set up a shield since some very negative people in my life kept destroying them.  once i had this flash of brilliance in setting up a new shield it worked so well that my sister and i have never been able to communicate like that since…  part of it’s not so much that she (nor those negative people) can’t get through, it’s that as far as they’re concerned i’m off radar.  i don’t exist…

    so i’m glad i learned how to shield, i just haven’t figured out a way to keep this shield and still be able to transmit.  although to a degree i sort of enjoy the off radar status…  it proves to be very helpful…


    Would you mind, when you have the time, to write up this shielding technique?  It might help some other people who struggle with negative entities also.  Once we know what you did, someone might give you an idea to have some flexibility with it, so you can sense when you want, and protect yourself when you want.  Even better, to do the both at the same time!  :-)


    it’s been a couple of years since i set it up (which shows part of its beauty, set and forget…).  this could be done as a shield, but i think i morphed it into more of a mask.  but it could be tweaked however one wants i imagine…  i haven’t really thought about it so let’s see if i can remember the basic steps…

    1. start off in a nice meditative/trance state.
    2. mentally go somewhere unlikely to be found much less searched, and even if found likely to cause confusion or even fear to the person.  somewhere with an energy signature that will mask yours.
    3. blend in with the surroundings and lay low.

    now that’s seriously nutshelled, but the basics of it.  now let me give an example.

    say you project yourself into outer space.  (a method to mask your trail would be nice, though i didn’t, at least not deliberately, and haven’t had problems)  find a nice place to hide yourself.  put yourself into orbit next to a planet, a moon, an asteroid field, or how about right in the nearest star itself?  perhaps an ice planet…  a nebula?  move in, blend in, lay low.

    i did something similar and the energy field of whatever i’m partnered with must be masking me.  as soon as i came out of my trance state my sister came into my room because she said i disappeared.  she couldn’t feel me anymore.  i told her what i did without giving details so as not to weaken it.  she started checking up on my hunter.  she sensed nothing but confusion and anger.  and more confusion and more confusion.  then fear.  they kept looking for some time after that.  but after a couple of months they pretty well stopped.  they knew i was alive, which made them even angrier.  but they couldn’t detect me.

    i kept thinking about this, even as i was typing this up and what popped into my mind was like yoda’s exile.  the dark place on dagobah acted as a mask.  vader, the emperor, they couldn’t find him.  they couldn’t detect him.  similar principle i think.

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