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    Read this only if you have a .edu email address. If you don’t, see if you can create one. If you don’t have one, but ARE a college student, you can still do this, it just takes more steps. You should contact me. ;)

    If you haven’t heard, Amazon has a version of Prime that is for students. It’s called AMAZON STUDENT.

    Now. This gets you some pretty rad stuff:

    Free 2-day Shipping (not 20 dollars extra!)
    Free RELEASE-DATE shipping for GAMES and BOOKS and MOOOVIES
    Borrow a KINDLE eBOOK FOR FREE once a month
    UNLIMITED STREAMING in the Amazon Prime instant videos.
    This measly 40 dollars a YEAR can pay for itself in ONE. DAY. if you play your cards right. 2 days if you’re not hardcore.

    But, why would I be telling you this if this is gonna cost you money. Guess what. This DOESN’T COST YOU MONEY.

    It’s FREE for 6 months when you sign up. After that, it is 40 dollars a year, HALF the 79 dollars of regular Prime.

    Follow this link to sign up: http://www.amazon.com/gp/student/signup/info?ie=UTF8&refcust=SBAOHXL2OQDT6K5426PNEPCOHQ&ref_type=generic

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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