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    Interesting.  Thank you for sharing.  I’m glad you’ve found something that works for you. :-)


    Pretty good day today.  All this working on grounding and controlling my awareness (not letting others emotions directly affect me) is really paying off.  My fellow employees always seem to get really angry whenever we get busy.  I am quite the opposite, yet sometimes their feelings affect me.  As a result of this focus in my training, I am having better days at work

    Now that I am over the initial shock of the weight of this new kettlebell, my workout today wasn’t too bad.  Did my lower body routine, and I kept a good pace throughout.  I think that I could possibly need a heavier weight for my lower body, I just can’t afford one right now.  I figure, it’s better to continue with a slightly too light weight than to not work those muscles at all :))

    I didn’t set a timer when I meditated tonight.  I put dinner in the oven, and settled in.  I am finding it much easier to relax and get my mind to (almost) clear.  I used the mantra ‘Jedi’ again.  I have been using a 10 minute timer, but today I went a full 14 minutes before I got antsy.  I am still feeling great benefits from this, and am excited about being able to extend my time meditating.

    Dinner was great.  I baked a salmon filet, about a pound, with a glaze i made from honey, sesame oil, soy sauce, and rice wine vinegar.  With that, I had about 4 cups of steamed broccoli.  I sure do love broccoli.


    Been away for a few days.  I ended up getting Saturday, Sunday, and Monday off.  So, at the last minute, Jill and I rented a cabin in the north GA mountains.  We packed up the cats, and hit the road.  We didn’t take the laptop, and we didn’t check our phones.  This weekend is unofficially our anniversary, so we spent a lot of time together.  We walked in the woods, and sat under the stars.  It was a wonderful, relaxing weekend.

    I did practice my meditation while we were there.  I think the relaxing environment really helped.  I still got my workout in last night before bed, so that was good.  My diet, on the other hand, wasn’t so easy.  But, hey, it was only a few days, and I never went overboard. 

    Unfortunately, today it was back to the grind.  It should have been a rather stressful day.  We broke down the entire kitchen on Friday, and I had to put it all back together this morning.  We lost an employee too, which really hurt.  Even so, I was pleasantly surprised that my mood and sense of inner peace was not affected by the stress at work, or my coworkers emotions.  What would have most definitely been a bad day a few weeks ago, turned out to be a perfectly OK day.


    That sounds like a great weekend! :-)


    Sorry I’ve been quiet this week.  Twas a rough week, losing an employee and really busy after the holiday.  My energy was low, and something I ate really upset my system.  It took all my strength to focus through my work days, and I spent just about all of my off time curled up in bed.  I am finally starting to feel myself today. 

    I am going to get back in the swing of things tomorrow.


    Welcome back. Sounds similar to my week, minus the upset system.  I think this week will be better. ;-)


    An update.

    I dropped my phone in the toilet Monday morning before work.  I am lost without my phone.  But, before I could feel sorry for myself over such an honestly petty problem, something bad happened.

    A little background info.  When I started working for my boss, he had one restaurant, and it was run by a guy named Jimmy.  The place was close to my home (2 hour walk, or a 30 minute bus trip).  Jimmy and I become good work friends.  When the boss and I decided to open the second location, my commute became 1 1/2 hours on the bus.  Jimmy stayed at the old place. 

    Jimmy had a stroke on Monday.  The doctor says he should be ok, but he will never be the same again.  We’re holding on to the hope that he will be able to return to work, so I am stretching myself to cover the loss at the old place.  My days have become, 1 1/2 hour commute to work, open the restaurant, work all day, close the restaurant, 1 1/2 hour commute to the old restaurant, prep for the next day, close the restaurant, 1/2 commute home.

    I’m not complaining.  You do what you have to do.  Just wanted to give everyone a heads up as to what was going on with me.

    On a positive note, I got my new phone in the mail today.  Its pretty sweet.  It has an e-reader built into it, so I am going to load up my workbooks on the phone so I can study while on the bus.  I am quite excited by that!

    My diet and exercise plan is suffering from all the extra work, but I am squeezing in pushups/situps whenever I can.  I have been working on my blindfold exercise whenever possible, and I have come up with some interesting (to me, anyways) ways to work on my awareness while at work.  My lessons so far have helped me tremendously in dealing with all the extra stress.  I still squeeze in a 10 minute meditation in the evenings before bed.  I can feel myself becoming more grounded, and my ability to quiet my thoughts and focus is improving also.

    I really should get back to work.  I am hopeful that my schedule will even back out soon, and I can get back to normal.  Either way, with this new phone, I will be able to get caught back up with my studies.

    Thank you everyone for understanding.


    First, let me introduce myself: my name is Phoenix =]  lol

    Second, I know the struggle when work suddenly shoots up in hours and you have to stretch your time and energy in ways you never thought possible.  Sounds like you are making the best of the situation and I hope it improves for you as well.

    I would say just keep focusing on the meditation…the act of grounding will be instrumental.  And I hope Jimmy feels better!



    For all the challenges you’re doing a great job fitting in training.  It will help to read on the bus.  Update as you have time.  You can also carry a notebook and write your assignments by hand and just transcribe them when you’re home.  That’ll be faster than writing everything on your phone. 

    Hang in there!


    This is my 8th 15 hour day in a row.  I have several things I would like to post, but I am just so very tired.  I took your advise Jax, and have been carrying a notebook on me.  I have been keeping up with my lessons, and have responses to things that have been posted the last few days.  As soon as I get some time, I will type it all up.  My physical training is suffering, but I have found that I can squeeze in 5 and 10 minute meditations on the bus.  I am finding it easier and easier to relax and turn my focus inward.  I know this is one of the reasons that I have been able to put in these extra hours without it affecting my mood or my focus. 

    I am training some new applicants this week, so hopefully they will work out, and my life can normalize a little.  I haven’t even seen Jill in several days.  I am asleep (unconscious, really) before she gets home, and I slip out before dawn every morning.  I miss her, and the cats, and you good folks here. 

    Jimmy is recovering, but his admittance to the hospital made him aware of a new problem.  He has kidney stones, some of which are sizable.  The docs are wary to do anything about them until they can clear up his blood clots.  I feel bad for the guy.  He is a good person, and it sucks to see him having to go through this.

    While I may be sporadic in my postings, please know that I am with you all in spirit.

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