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    Well, most people have returned from the gathering now.  Inari has about 30 hours of flying still ahead of her, but she’ll be back here in due time. 

    Right now I don’t have a lot of thoughts that are conscious.  It was great to meet the people at the gathering.  I learned that there are some who are really doing a great job training and that gave me hope.  I was impressed with the Cajun Jedi Chapter as they really seem to have their act together.  I also really enjoyed getting to know Leo who is quite the character! 

    One thing that definitely needs changing is location.  The campground was nice, but all the heat, bugs, and raccoons start to take a toll.  It also makes it a little difficult to do some of the training.  So next year we will hopefully find a location more conducive to training.  Hopefully with air conditioning :-)

    For most of us, the best part of the gathering was meeting everyone.  You can only learn so much online, but seeing people in person and discussing makes a big difference.  I’m actually sad that I won’t get that in person interaction for a while again.  There’s always next year though! 

    I’m going to let others post their thoughts as I’m still processing the weekend.  I will leave you with this.  There are definitely people out there living the Jedi path.  There are those who aren’t, but when that discourages you find those that do.  Their dedication is infectious.  :-)


    I got home a couple of days ago and have been more or less trying to catch up on sleep, washing, blogging and uploading photos to Photobucket since (with some spending time with the family in there too  ;D ).

    As Jax said, it was really good to be able to not only put faces to names (indeed, I’d seen photos of at least half of the people there before so I knew what they looked like) but also to really interact and get a good feel for these people. Chatting gives one some ideas, talking on the phone or Skype does too, but its not the same as being able to talk, hug, and soundly thwack each other with a shinai.

    It gave me a good idea of what ideas and dreams others have for the future of the Jedi order, the training was of secondary benefit to me compared with this and the social interaction. Things that could have been improved were the location, which was pretty but not conductive to the planned activities and the organisation of the workshops. I also appreciated being able to get an idea of what other people were doing in terms of their training and their service to others.

    I’d certainly like to go to a gathering again (though it may take another couple of years to save up enough).


    P.S. Photos may be found on my Photobucket account

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