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    It is time I start this again since I had a flood of dreams within the last 4 days. I know some are most likely a result of stress and anxiety but some might not be and maybe go much deeper. Ok, here it goes:

    Last night I found myself in some sort of apartment, not mine, but apparently I did live there. It’s all a bit foggy and I kept waking up several times only to continue the dream. I came home from work and noticed that something was different as I looked up at the ceilings. They suddenly had bulges and cracks in them that were not there before. At first I thought it was due to the age of my place and went about my business until it was time to go to sleep. I am missing a few segments of this dream here but I remember going outside into the hallway to talk to one of my neighbors to inquire if they had any trouble and they did not. I went back inside and the cracks had widened as had the many bubbles and bulges on the ceilings, not only in my bedroom but my living room as well. It was one of those old stucco ceilings you find especially here in NE in old Victorian Style Houses. My attempts to call the maintenance crew failed as my phone didn’t seem to work and suddenly I realized that the ceilings were starting to slowly cave in. Water began to seep through the cracks and pieces of plaster slowly loosened and fell down. I tried to get away but could not when my apartment door suddenly was pried open and Mike – a friend of mine – came in to take me out.That is all I remember from this dream.


    Apartments/houses are usually a reflection of ourselves. I would suggest that this dream represents your current emotional state…are you feeling like you are starting to crack and give way under the stress and emotions you are feeling? (Water is often emotionally related). I would also suggest that you see Mike as an outlet, a safety valve, a method of escape (for a while at least).


    It’s more a matter of not being completely in control of my emotions or my current situation. Water has always played a role in many dreams as in my awake state. It has always drawn me to it since early childhood. My parents said I could not stay away from it for too long and learned how to swim early on.

    I wonder if Mike has entered my life to save me from myself sometimes. 


    I had another water dream a couple of nights ago. (I really can’t wait to have internet back at home instead of using my work comp)

    I was floating under water in a clear mountain stream. The surface was covered by ice and snow and I was getting short of air and made an attempt to escape the cold wetness but without success. As much as I tried the ice would not break. I let the water carry me downstream a bit more and tried again, now in real trouble and gasping for air. I could see the sky and the mountains through the layer of ice and snow and this time it seemed to work and I slowly dug my way first through the ice and then the snow as well. The warmth of the sun greeted me as I climbed out of the stream.


    It is amazing how my nightmares have seized since my friend Mike moved in with us. I am not sure if it’s the fact that I do not sleep alone anymore, I feel safer, or see him as a protector in some way. I did have a dream a couple of nights ago though.

    We were somewhere warm and nice. Since it’s cold here in NE a pleasant change. At first we were at some sort of church attending a ceremony. We were outside, not inside a building. Two of my neighbors were there, the parents of one of my son’s friends. Very strange. His mother came over and told me how glad she was to see the two of us together at last.

    Next scene I remember we are saying goodbye. I know I had to go somewhere. I don’t think it was work but some sort of volunteer work and Mike did not want to let me go. He held me tight and kept telling me he’d miss me too much and he was worried something could happen to me. He then kissed me passionately but I had to explain to him that I had a duty to fulfill and he was just about to let me go when I woke up.

    And there was water in the background. I think a beach even .I wish I could remember more.

    Interesting thing though, we had just discussed a few serious points as what would happen to Mikey should something happen to me before he is old enough to be on his own and he told me that he’d take care of him no matter what. we even talked about possible guardianship.


    It’s time for another dream entry. It has been a while….

    A few nights ago I had two dreams I remember more than the others.

    1. I was at work and giving several cleaning estimates. The business owner showed me the different properties to be cleaned, mostly offices, and  we had just negotiated prices and cleaning times when my ex boyfriend showed up – he just got a job, actually his room mate made sure he had a job (in real life). He approached the other women with whom I had been talking and said: “Wait a minute, she can’t clean here, we are still painting.” After that he turned to me and cast me a long, dark look. I can’t remember anything else but I know it didn’t face me.

    2. This time I am in a castle like building as you see in Europe: high ceiling, tall glass doors, lots of stucko and beautifully, yellow painted walls with white trim. Everything is bright and friendly. There is a large terrace leading out one of the back doors and we could sit in comfortable chairs while being served.
    The beds are gigantic and fit four people.
    There is a tall, dark haired man who seems to like me and he begins to court me in a wonderful old fashioned way, gentle and respectful. I don’t know how much time has past but suddenly I can see my mother who passed away a little over a year ago. She would appear in someone else’s body and then emerged as her own. She does not speak but I can see she is neither angry nor overly happy. When I look through the french glass doors inside I can also see Mike’s  mother who passed way just 12 hours rpior to my mother, on the same day. Her face is seren but there is something in her eyes I can’t quite read.
    My tall friend walks up the lawn to greet me and then, suddenly out of nowehre I see Mike approaching us as well: anger darkening his face. He walks up to my friend and says: She is mine. You have no rights to court her or even touch her. I am the one who can support her now.”
    Not in the least impressed my friend casts him a pittyful gaze and replies:” You have nothing to say here.”
    Again Mike looks at me and I add:” He is right. There is nothing you can say or do now to change anything.”
    Meanwhile our mothers watch silently.
    I can’t remember anymore because I was awakened by one of my cats.
    The tall, dark hair man has appeared randomly in my dreams before for the last 10 or so years. I never know when he shows up. or in which setting I dream about him.


    Your tall, dark haired friend sounds like either 1) a spirit guide or 2) a future suitor.  At least, that was my first impression.  Who do you think he is?   


    I agree Loremaster.  It may also be a friend – not quite a guide, but someone who’s stopping by when their presence could be helpful. 


    I agree. I always thought he was more of friend or  spirit, someone watching over me since I have not seen anyone who looks like him. Although I would not mind a suitor like him. Maybe someone from a paralell universe? Maybe that is too far fetched.

    Kol Drake

    Oh sure…  he’s exotic because you do not have to grouse about him leaving his ectoplasmic undies about the bathroom floor every day.  :P 

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