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    I received this in an email today and found the breakdown of levels of consciousness in creation useful.  Maybe it helps clear it up for you as well.
    Vibrational Video Coaching: “How We Accidentally Co-Create What we Don’t Want.”  (And, how to be more conscious about co-creating a vibrantly prosperous and sustainable economy.)

    Watch the video here:

    When we allow ourselves to be ‘unintentional’ about how we want to show up, we are often susceptible to the negative vibrations and beliefs of those around us.  Thus, during times of change (such as our current financial and environmental changes) it can be very difficult to remain connected to the Truth of our being when the media, others, and even our own common sense might suggest that we should be worried.

    To understand how we co-create ‘accidentally’ there are four Vibrational Patterns (VP’s) to consider:

    The neg-neg VP:  When we are negative and we engage with others that are also negative. .

    The indecisive neg-neutral VP:  When we are with others that are negative, we are not negative nor positive but we’ve been somewhat unintentional, indecisive or wishy-washy. Thus, the negative vibration is the more dominant.

    The decisive neg-neutral VP: When we are width others that are negative and we are neutral but we notice the negativity and consciously choose to command intentionally what we want and/or we are choosing to be more decisive and intentional in each moment.

    The empowered  neg-positive VP: When we are with others that are negative but their negative cannot find a place to come out.  Our positive vibration is so solid that they ‘lose their train of thought’ when they want to speak negatively, thus making our positive vibration the more dominant and powerful.

    By making a conscious decision to be more intentional and aware of which VP (Vibrational Pattern) we are operating under, we can change the current of ANY situation and co-create the positive outcome we desire.

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