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    Beral Khan

    I was reading on another board that age old question about a Jedi Order.  Due to my direct disagreement with another who also claims Jedi and lives within my area, I do not post on those forums.

    So, I brought the conversation to those who are here.

    If you have several people who complete their studies from the same institution, they would have the same base.  Could this not be the basis of an actual Order?

    For those of whom may have discussed this to death previously, I apologize most sincerely.  I merely came to this thought that an Order would, in fact, be a natural progression from a single source with multiple people agreeing on a it being a fundamental base.

    There were probably many Orders of the Jedi and if there were not, there already is the seeds for that now, from what I’ve seen.


    It certainly is one way to do it.  I personally hope this academy and institute grow over the years to establish an offline presence as well.  I hope our training is useful as well, helping Jedi gain the tools necessary to form an order. 

    Realistically, I expect quite a few ‘orders’ to form for a while.  Just like church denominations, we will have various groups with various beliefs.  My hope, however, is that most of them can work together, merging into larger orders in time. 

    And yes, there are seeds out there.  But just like growing plants from seeds, some succeed, some fail.  Time will tell :-)


    well if you go off of the Star Wars stories, there were several groups that touched on the Force and studied it, as time progressed they started to interact and train together, as this happened their teaching and groups merged into new ones. This i s how the Jedi Order came to be. In the stories there are still other traditions, some stricter, and some looser then the Jedi Order. The need to combine orders will be the time to combine them. As the movement grows, some path’s will be shown as stronger then others, people will migrate towards those, as they do the weaker ones will either merge or die out altogether. It’s the natural progression. Just like gangs in New York and California, they all started as more individual groups that over time merged as their goals began to sync up. There is no need to worry about unification of the Jedi groups as yet, we are still young, as we grow, others will join or leave, it’s natural. The strong groups will grow stronger. The ones you will eventually have problems with are the ones that give “Rank” and “Power” quickly, in this day, there are alot of people that want it now. They don’t want to work for the recognition, they feel they deserve it just for showing up. The groups that give that recognition are going to swell and grow, till eventually they are seen as a fad, or game. The strong groups will weather the storm of the fallout, and stay. They will build a core group of individuals that are well trained, and they will change and adapt, trying to distant themselves from the Fad, so that when it falls apart, they are ready to pick those up that really did want to grow and walk the path.

    Beral Khan

    Well said Memnoich. :)

    Spark Vallen

    Back in ye olden days  ::), I used to say to people that we were those earliest non-Jedi, spiritual people who were just starting out and discovering the Force.  The Ashla group, as it is described on Wookieepedia (from the comics, I believe). 

    It’s good to see that people are seeing that these days and realizing that we’re planting seeds, or taking baby steps.  Pick your analogy. ;)

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