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    Hello, My name is Maldar. I signed up at the Jedi Academy to broaden my knowledge. I am a member of the Jediism Way. If anyone has any recommendation on what to read or to do to help learn more about the Jedi, let me know. Till then, May the Force be with you.

    -Jedi Maldar :obiwan


    Welcome!!!!! ;D

    My best recommendation is to surf the site here as there are some very thought provoking posts, and to reply to those.

    Also we do have some courses that will be starting up in September I think, in case you are interested…these have some great material that will help you to broaden your knowledge as a Jedi. 

    There is, however, Xhaiden’s site, which I’m sure your already aware of at Jedi Online, which has a bunch of different lectures, discussions, posts, etc by Jedi throughout the community as well.  this is a personal favorite of mine.

    Hope that helped


    Welcome, and I second Tai’s suggestions.  I find it helpful to just ask the questions on my mind and see how people respond.  The Jedi path is active, meaning you don’t just read and learn, but you seek your own understanding.  So I recommend starting to ask questions or comment on things.  :-)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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