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    Originally I found this website: http://jediorganization.addr.com/jedi/
    I’ve tried contacting everyone on that site but the emails don’t seem to work.
    I need help please…

    Is this website (http://the-jedi-academy.org) the new one?


    This academy used to be linked with the Jedi organization a while back.  However, this is not the new site for that site.  That site is simply an archive of what used to exist as the JEDI.org.  The forum that used to be JEDI is still around though pretty inactive.  The forum is here if you want to check it out though: http://p208.ezboard.com/bthejediorg

    You’re also welcome to participate in discussions here, and take classes in the future.  There aren’t too many sites active right now.  We aren’t quite as active in the discussion forum as in the classes, but we still comment on posts.  So jump on in if you’d like. 




    Many thanks, I will consider both these as sources and will do my research with them both.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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