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    Rocky Mountain Jedi

    Hello everyone.  I am getting ready to start my meditation practice as directed in the introductory course.  My intuition type has been indicated to be an emotional intuitive.  The suggested meditation is titled the Lighthouse, and involves an ocean theme.  Since this is the my first attempt at meditation, I thought it might be a good idea to get some things to help with the “mood” so to speak.  I was thinking of using some ocean sounds as an audible stimulus and even perhaps some type of stimulus for smell.  I was thinking that perhaps the more senses I was able to “put into the moment” as it were might assist me as I begin meditation.  Is this a good idea?  Has anyone had experience with doing this… did it help or hinder the process?  Any feedback on the subject would be most appreciated.  If this information has already been posted elsewhere, I do apologize ahead of time.  May the Force be with you… always.

    Rocky  :vader


    Meditation is always going to be an individual experience, so even if people say ‘yeah, it works great!’ you may find it doesn’t. lol  That said, go ahead and try it.  Then try it without and see how the experience changes for you.  I view meditation as a constant experiment where the conditions change every time.  :-)  Have fun!


    Yea any aides would be good! Like Jax said, it is a very personal experience.  I was going to say I would try it without any additional stimulus at least for the first try.  It might sound great in theory, but it could be distracting and overwhelming.  The point of this meditation (I think) is to understand your emotions, and its a tool for “dealing” with those emotions.  Again, its a personal process. 

    Good Luck,


    Sorry it’s taken me so long to see this post, been a bit busy.

    Usually, it is my recommendation that people beginning meditation minimise distractions. You should feel warm and comfortable, but I’d go easy on the sounds and smells if you think that they could distract. If you have already found it and have found that they didn’t, that’s fine. This particular meditation is designed to help you better understand yourself, btw.

    Kol Drake

    Best to start as inari states… warm, comfortable, quiet, and subdued lighting if possible.  Do NOT fall asleep!  :P

    Given some time and practice it IS a test of your meditative skills to learn to go into ‘the zone’ with all the distractions of daily life going on… kids screaming outside, cars skreeching tires, someone playing a radio too loud, etc.  After all, we do live in ‘the world’ and not in some high mountain monastery.

    Also, once you have gotten ‘in the groove’ of it all, I suppose one could ‘set the mood’ for meditation with incense and perhaps very low key tones or music.  I had a great experience sitting on a rock near a river in Austin during a full moon — getting into the moment while stroking a Tibetan Crystal Toning Bowl (not my own; they can be pricey).  But, folks were about watching the moon and the area and… still, it was a very meditative time… especially since the ‘buffer ring’ the bowl normally sits on was forgotten and the tonal vibrations went into the rocks we were on and you could ‘feel the vibes’ come up out of the rock.

    ANYWAY, totally off track.
    Do what you are most comfortable with and then work from there.
    When you can be ‘meditative’ while waiting in the checkout line of the local Big Box Store (or the DMV), you have arrived.  ;D

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