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    For many years we’ve had a library that has been underutilized at our various locations.  There are few new articles because no one is responsible for the library due to time constraints.  We have created a role of librarian to improve this resource.  You can submit your own articles for archival in the library by posting a link to its current location.  We ask that articles themselves be posted in an appropriate location on the forum and not directly to this thread.  If you have seen an article elsewhere that you think should go in the library, be sure to note that the link is to someone else’s work, and that the author is reachable.  We will not archive anyone’s work from another site without their permission.  Not everyone wants their work posted everywhere and we respect that.  

    In general, most articles are eligible for archival assuming they do not advocate a person doing something dangerous (which I realize is subjective.)  If you are submitting an article, please make sure you have run it through spell and grammar checking.  You won’t have the option of editing it once it has been posted.  The typical process for article submission is outlined below.  

    1.  A person submits the link to an article to be archived in the library.
    2.  The faculty verifies that the article is appropriate.  If there is disagreement we will contact the author with our concerns.
    3.  When an article is cleared, the librarian will attempt to contact the author to verify authorship and verify that we have permission to include it in the library.
    4.  The article is posted to the library.

    Don’t forget to check the library from time to time.  If you click on the Home tab at the top of the page that front page lists the 5 most recent articles posted to the library.  I hope this helps the library to be a more useful and beneficial tool for your training.  


    Huh someone got my unedited stuff from one website I had up… oh my… that stuff needs grammar fix  ;D

    Found 2 of my posts. Funny to read some old texts, of almost a child…  ;D


    Feel free to edit them if you’d like. We can then replace the originals. Or you can create your own rebuttal and we’ll add them that way. :-)


    I’ve got a lot of old and new stuff, even my jedi version of tao te ching lol… too much of what is only in my head. So I see a period of “ten books under my chair and a bottle of milk, a scribe’s life for me, yo ho ho.”

    I’ll just edit my grammar and childishness out of them.

    Much to come, soon enough.


    We have a new librarian – Silver Surfer! She will focus initially on creating reference lists of beneficial posts in various categories in an attempt to organize the knowledge shared over the years on the forum. 

    Good luck Silver! :-)

    Beral Khan

    That is exciting! I look forward to seeing your work with the Library Silver! :)


    Welcome Silver! I am sure you will do a great job with the library.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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