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    6 weeks or so ago, I was in a relatively minor accident while driving for Uber. It took out my passenger door and took me off the road until (hopefully) this weekend. I wrote about it then, but now I have new insights into it so will share again, in the hopes it helps those of you facing your own challenges.

    When this accident happened, it didn’t feel ‘heavy’. It didn’t feel like a hindrance in my life and where I was going, but I didn’t know why it happened. In that time I’ve been challenged, a lot. It cut my income in half. Thankfully we were able to get a generous amount of food stamps which kept us healthy in that regard. (Don’t be too proud to take help that is available. Even if it’s a huge pain in the ass. Lesson 1.)

    I have had doubts throughout this time though. Struggling to pay bills. Struggling to find the way through this that kept us safe and healthy. Seeing it always somehow workout, but not enjoying it much out of fear.

    I realized, however, that the most likely reason for this ‘accident’ was my body. I’ve been dealing with an odd low back issue that doesn’t have a visible cause. I’m managing it through a creative combination of ibuprofen, curcumin, CBD, ASEA, and valerian tea which is an herbal anti-inflammatory. I’ve been able to work this way. However, if I were also trying to drive on the weekend after a day of standing, I likely would have thrown my back out by now and been unable to work or take care of my family. That would have been worse. Instead I’ve had more time to work my business. More time with family. And less time on the crazy roads of Denver. ;-)

    Faith can be difficult. Faith that things continue to work out for the benevolent outcome of everyone involved. But when you dedicate yourself to finding the best solution, and trusting higher intuition, it does work out eventually.

    Today my intuition said to create a new bracelet. A bracelet that takes hours to make, but reminds me to try harder to be the light in the world. I found my materials, but needed more. So we went to Michael’s, bought the thread I needed and found a really fun color-your-own spaceship playscape for our daughter. Then we were off to see Star Wars (again for me). From one perspective I should have worked on my business. But instead I followed my instinct and created this bracelet. It forced me to slow down a bit, focus on what it is I want to create. I also listened to a webinar to deepen my daily benevolent practice. And then I binge watched Arrow. :-)

    The more we listen to our intuition, following the pulls, the better life is. The more ease we have. More money. More happiness. What nudges have you been ignoring? Is it time to start listening to them?

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