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    years ago…

    I walked into the hallway and saw a scene on television as I walked from my studyhall to the JROTC room. Thought it was actually a scene from a movie, until I recognized the newscast talking about it. I can’t remember what station it was, probably ABC.

    A tower was blowing smoke off from it’s side.

    I don’t think I’ll ever forget 11 September 2001. Not because I was affected by the events, but because people around me were. I saw people who were scared out of their mind as one incident after another occured.

    Funny, the only class that was calm for the entire day, was JROTC where we actually spoke on the events and the political madness behind them.

    Every teacher was told that only Juniors and Seniors were allowed to watch the footage. HA! That worked REAL well. The curriculum was halted for 9-11-2001, and everyone tuned into the news to keep check on what was going on. To watch how, on that day, New York came together to do what they could rummaging through the wreckage desperately trying to help those who were clinging to life, and to help bring closure to loved ones of those who did not make it.

    This morning we held a ceremony at the top of Torii Station’s hill in honor of the victims and heroes of 9-11.

    May the light of the divine shine upon their loved ones this day, and give them strength in knowing those lost have not been forgotten.

    SPC Alethea Jolene Benton-US Army Military Police

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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