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    2021 is probably the best event location we’ve had yet! The cabin is located on a 63 acre Boiling Springs property and backs up to a mountainous forest. With a stream and waterfall on the property, the workshop possibilities endless. This property is owned by Tibetan Buddhists and is used for spiritual retreats. The property owners purchased this property after being inspired by Mai Pham’s 2004 “World Peace Through Inner Peace,” event for His Holiness The Dalai Lama in Miami. Their goal is to see interfaith fellowship, which just makes this property that much more sacred.

    We are working on setting up the Registration page, but we do have the prices figured out. Use this space to stay updated. 🙂 Prices include Room & Board for the full weekend.

    Adults [13+] $200/ea

    Children [5-12] $125/ea

    Infants [>5 ]. Free/ea

    Campers $150/ea

    Please Note: As of May 1st, prices increase by, $25 for campers, children, and adults (Infants will stay free).


    With the new vaccines, the Jedi Gathering is looking even more promising!!! Over the coming months, we hope to fill you in on the workshops that will be hosted at this year’s gathering. For our first one, let us introduce Gabriel Calderon’s Workshop-

    Encounter With Your Power Animal

    A power animal is a guiding spirit. They can help raise your energy, improve your health, increase your mental capacity, provide protection, and explore truths. When you are particularly troubled about something, you can “speak” with your animal to gain guidance.

    They primarily take the forms of mammals or birds. They can also be reptiles or fish. On rare occasions they take on the shape of a mythical animal. We have come to associate certain traits and characteristics with the animals. (Owls have wisdom, bears have strength, and deer are agile. For more on this I suggest Animal Speak by Ted Andrews). Power animals can come and go as they help us learn a life lesson. Once learned they are no longer required. However, there is one main animal that stays with you for life. This animal is your guardian and it’s that one we will discover in our journey.

    For more information, check out JediFederation.org

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