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    So I’m talking with Keith Williams (the president of Armonia Seminary) about possibilities for the Jedi Gathering in the UK.

    This gathering would be open to the entire community, it’s not specific to a particular order. But in order to figure out what would be feasible, we kind of need an idea of the best location to use and best timeframe to look at.

    So if you would actually be interested in attending an open Gathering, please let me know the following:

    Best Date range for 2019
    Highest Price Range you would be willing to pay for everything (Room and Food for the entire event)
    Best Location

    After that we’ll work on what the consensus is and try to get this set up. :D


    allowing for and celebrating the international Jedi community is wonderful.

    How many days?
    On average 50-100/day I think would be acceptable.
    When I travel light, I try to pay 25/day.


    Am I reading this right? Is this open gathering meant to be held in the UK?
    I’m asking as the daily costs are one thing and maybe not the biggest part in such a journey. How to get to the gathering can “eat” quite some money too.
    Should it be in the UK, from my experiences from living in Germany, there are cheep flights normally available to London, Bristol and Edinburgh (Scotland). So, if it would be me, as for a location, I would focus on cities with an Airport close by which is served by the cheap airliners like Ryanair, Easy Yet, Air Berlin and such.

    On a more personal note, I would be very much interested in such a gathering but due to expecting another family member to our family by this year’s September, I don’t know how feasible it will be for me to travel alone next year and leaving my wife with two kids at home. But for sure I will have an eye on this one!

    Kol Drake

    I remember the excellent rail systems in Germany and around Europe. Making any gathering ‘rail accessible’ would go a long way for those who wished to travel/spend time in Jedi community-ness.

    Now — Johannes / Yoshio
    ANOTHER bun in the oven?
    Does your wife know about this? :-p


    No, actually no one in my closer surrounding knows that I do follow the Path of a Jedi Realist simply because religion and spirituality isn’t a big topic. Some of the teachings which I have received on this path I do incorporate in my martial art teachings and in the philosophical talks of which we have very little.
    Actually there is only one guy who might be able to understand what it would mean if I would tell him that I’m a Jedi Realist. As for my wife, it is as with most Japanese, they actually don’t care much about religion and takes it more from the practical side. The all go to the Buddhist Temples as well as to the Shinto Shrine and if she feels like, she even “prays” in Christian churches. So, I guess, should I ever tell her, she would just add it to my “geekism” and not really care about it. ;)


    While, I would love to go, the fare only is too expensive. Some friends go to Ireland every couple of years and they pay around $2000 to $3000 just for a round trip ticket. I would like to meet people, but, for a lot of people this is expense.


    Mu bad, apparently, my friend, was talking about, something else, I just checked the airfares and they are around $500 for a round trip ticket. Not sky high as I was told.


    I met my wife in the UK, and we try to get back there every year to see family. We don’t always make it, but we do most years. It’s usually at the end of June when the kids get out of school. If I have any chance of making it there, it would be around then.
    As for location. We’re near Oswestry, and I fly into Manchester.

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