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    (x.x there are too many places to post this, sorry I didn’t get this on IJRS sooner- but I’ll keep up with it from here on out :D)

    3526 Olde Tyme Way
    Sevierville, TN 37862

    21 June 2018 (Thursday)-
    24 June 2018 (Sunday)

    Price (includes meals and lodging):
    $100/children under 12
    $75/person for individual night pass (includes meals for the day)
    $50/person if you plan on staying off site and eating any meals with us
    No pets

    Payment should be sent through paypal at jedi_shaman@hotmail.com (Gabriel Calderon is handling the treasury this year). The location actually does have an incremental payment plan, so we are hoping that we can have everyone that wants to sign up pay by April to ensure we do not lose the site.

    After you have secured your spot, please shoot me a message here or at Alethea.thompson@hotmail.com with your name and anyone accompanying you, if you’re driving and willing to carpool if someone is along your route, any food considerations (I eat in accordance with Kosher rules minus mixing milk and meat-so that is covered XD), and anything else you may think is important.

    We’ve got some awesome things planned. In the past an itinerary has been written out- but I think this year to keep the advertisement from falling to the wayside, I’ll release information about our workshops incrementally. ^^ I’ll start this week when I have a computer and not typing on my phone XD.


    What better way to get to know someone, then by learning about how they see their path? This year, we want Jedi to focus more on using one of the listed documents/doctrines to support their beliefs as to how to react to different situations or ethical questions. So as you trickle in, join me at the table to discuss yours and others paths’ philosophy.

    Jedi Compass
    Jedi Circle
    21 Maxims
    The 16 Teachings of the Jedi (there are two different versions taught- one at ToTJO and one at ToTJF)
    The 13 Vows of the Jedi (Temple of the Jedi Force)
    Jedi Behaviors (pulled from the Fiction)

    The gatherings are not limited to Jedi, we’ve had non-Jedi attend in the past and welcome them equally. We want to have them participate in this discussion as well, and explain how their answers relate to their path. As such, we encourage them to use the code or doctrine which best represents them.

    (NOTE: Apparently the Shadow do have a document I’ve been informed of ^^. It is called “Shadowness” by Pelar, so this will the document required by anyone representing the Shadow Aspect.)

    With that said, we have yet to compile scenarios and questions that can be explored. So if you have any you wish to submit for review- send them my way at alethea.thompson@hotmail.com . Keep them clean though, I’m not looking for anything that is highly polarizing (e.g. Modern Political issues). This is suppose to be a fun, yet beneficial experience.


    Knighting trials have been a part of the Jedi Gatherings for awhile now. Sometimes we want to have an opportunity to see if we match up to those we consider our peers. The Jedi Federation has taken up the role of doing in-person trials. If a Jedi passes the trials, then they will have recognition as a knight with the Jedi Federation, and our support in sponsoring offline Jedi Chapters. Of course, it’s a two way street- it’s like an interview, a Jedi can go through the trials and determine whether or not they are ready just as much as our board will review them.
    This year, we’re finally limiting how many candidates we will accept. Previously it was whomever applied, but after awhile we’ve found that having too many candidates is unmanageable- furthermore, we want to ensure that people are not set up for failure by just letting them come in. So if we have more than the allotted number, we’ll vet those that apply and limit it to 4 candidates.
    Over the course of Friday, during our down times, a candidate will undergo a labyrinth led by one of our present Jedi Mystics (Alethea Thompson and Gabriel Calderon). The Labyrinth was first developed for trials in 2012 and has evolved even past the 2014 “American Jedi” film. The next step will be to have a student go through a board. This has also evolved since the “American Jedi” film, and focuses more on areas of concern outlined in the document “The Jedi Compass” which was written by the Jedi Community in 2013- later expanded upon in a book published in 2015.
    Finally, on Sunday, before we all depart, we will be holding a knighting ceremony for the candidates to be recognized as Jedi Knights by the Jedi Federation.
    If you’re interested in being a candidate, please contact myself at SetanaokoMGiva@hotmail.com or on Facebook so I can get you the questionnaire, as well as two people within the Jedi Community that can write a reference for your candidacy (both of which will be used to vet candidates). A sponsor (one of the two giving you a reference) for your candidacy must be in attendance to present you to the board. The deadline for your submission is 15 April 2018.
    For more information about the basic Knighthood Standards for Jedi Federation, look here:


    (21 June) Thursday Night Journey

    After dinner on the first night, Gabs and Ally will be split up between the two houses and guiding you through a meditation. You will also be provided a journal to jot down as much of the meditation as you can recall when you surface from your journey. Over the course of the weekend, you will have an opportunity to speak with both Gabe and Ally to talk with them about your experience and further explore possible interpretations, as well as what to do with what you’ve learned.

    Gabe’s Shamanic Journey
    Have you ever wanted to find more hours in the day to work on stuff? However, many people overlook the dreamscape. We will utilize our subconscious to help us resolve issues and overcome roadblocks we may have. Through a shamanic journey we will prepare for the work to come later that evening – as you sleep.

    Ally’s on the Inner City
    One of the concepts listed in the Jedi Compass is “Self Awareness”, the Inner City Meditation focuses on the Interior part of Self-Awareness, that part of you that determines what you think about yourself. During this meditation, you will get to explore the city you have built for yourself in your mind.


    Sounds interesting! I doubt I can go this year yet, but the location looks absolutely beautiful!


    (22 June) Friday Morning

    Time is one of those elusive things we never seem to get enough of. We all know that it’s running out, so why can’t we pry ourselves off the couch and get on with making the most of what we have?

    In this seminar, Sith Lord Khaos will run you through the basics of managing your day more efficiently, and making more time for the things that matter most. You will learn:

    • The importance of a set morning routine
    • The art of simplicity in maximizing your output
    • How to prioritize effectively
    • How the world is designed to hijack your passion, and what you can do about that

    And many other tools to get you living the life you wish you were living


    2018 Annual Jedi Gathering Update!
    22 June 2018 (Friday)

    Are you interested in Podcasting or doing videos on YouTube? After lunch on Friday, you’ll get to hear from an All-Star panel of podcasters from Knights of Awakening, Jedi Realists Radio, and affiliates of Order of the Sith. Take this opportunity to ask questions, find out why we believe it is important to have these podcasts, and get tips for your own series.

    To find out more, please join Jedi Federation and go to the events section.


    Before dinner and after our panel discussion, our next workshop will be by Lord of the Sith Miles.

    Wealth Management

    There are four resources that are finite: Time, Energy, Health and Wealth. Actively managing these beings forth your best capabilities. Not doing so creates unnecessary challenges that make things exponentially harder and they are all related. In this session, we will talk about managing wealth. There is a basic approach: spend less than you take in. It doesn’t matter how much or how little the intake is; success lies in the difference, and freedom is in the positive bottom line. This class will discuss budgeting, some foundational mindsets and basic planning that will increase chances of success, and a few basic ideas on how to go about thinking about wealth management at the household level. This includes:
    • Assessing Fiscal health
    • Budget Planning
    • Long term vision
    • Spending habits
    • The effects on responsible Wealth management on Time, Energy and Health



    Well everyone I’ve figured out the specialty coffee I’m bringing!!! Of course, if you want to bring some of your own, I won’t hold it against you. I’m still trying to figure out a name FOR the coffee..but I’ll have something by the Gathering. I also have one more tea to craft (Capriole Tea [Raven’s] is complete!), it doesn’t have a name yet either XD.
    I bet you’re dying to know what comes next though, aren’t you? Well Saturday (23 June 2018) we’re going to have a field trip to the Smokey Mountain National Park. We’ll have to carpool (Convoy anyone?! Maybe I should bring some signs that say “Convoy” on them for the car in the front and one in the rear XD, I always wanted to steal one of those signs from the Army…I’ll need to create a couple I suppose….or…not… lol). The trip will be the majority of the day, and our close out for the day is going to be so exciting. I can’t wait to tell you about THAT one, but I can’t just yet. So let’s just begin with the next release- what we’re doing that morning after breakfast.
    The first thing on the agenda in the Smokeys is Meditation at the Sinks. But not only that, if you want, this area is suppose to be amazing for swimming- HOWEVER, you do so at your own risk. There have been deaths due to the currents and serious injuries. So, if we have any lifeguards attending, please identify yourself to us. I know I’ve never been qualified. I can just pass a Coast Guard swimming test. :/ But that’s for a vast ocean…not an area with waterfalls. Still the waterfalls are amazing, bring your camera. :D


    To find out more about this gathering and how to reserve your spot (lots of openings :) still available), join Jedi Federation’s Facebook page and go to the events section. I tried to make it a public event…but Facebook hates me :/


    Bet you’re dying to know what comes after the Morning Meditation on that Saturday, right? Well there’s lunch at Metcalf Bottoms, which we will be staying at for the remainder of our Field Trip. There will be two parts to the workshop for the afternoon:

    First Half:

    We’re going to put my degree to some use, and I’ll be teaching a class on Search and Rescue. Most people will expect that such a class is meant to teach you how to actually be a member of a SAR team. However this class aims to teach you about awareness, preparedness and team work. With some luck, I will be accompanied by a co-instructor that has quite a few years of experience in the field as a SAR leader.

    Second Half (after a 30 minute snack break):

    During the second half, we are going to have a practical exercise, where you will be asked to go on a short search of your own. Because I want to run one team at a time, the exercise won’t be long. So don’t worry about having to walk long distances. It’ll be fun, and a great learning experience.


    We will leave Metcalf Bottoms at 5 PM for the cabins where preparation for an awesome ceremony and dinner will begin. I’ll tell you about that later though. For now, let’s just keep you in suspense and just say- as much as I love the workshops I’ll be personally running, nothing excites me about this gathering more than THIS ceremony.

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