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    2017 Annual Jedi Gathering in Pennsylvania
    Greene Hills Camp – Manor Lodge
    5125 Manor Drive
    Alexandria, PA 16611
    Check-in and check-out times to be announced later
    Manor lodge offers 38 beds with linen. Some rooms have two bunk beds, others four bunk beds. There are some queen size beds available as well. There is also a campground if anyone is interested in saving money and camping. Pets are allowed, but not in the buildings and must be cleaned up after.
    Early bird before March 1st. – $165 per person
    March 1st or after – $180 per person
    Meals are served family style. Meals provided include Thursday dinner, Friday and Saturday breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and Sunday breakfast. If you have special dietary needs, please make me aware of them. Coffee will be available throughout the day, as well as soda and water. There will be snacks provided in the evenings.
    Possible events include indoor climbing wall, if enough people are interested, swimming pool, volley ball, sword work, martial arts, various workshops. There is a recreation room with a fusball table, pool table, air hockey, and ping pong.
    WiFi and a refrigerator are available.
    The Altoona/Blair County Airport is approximately 30 miles away and pick-up and drop-off can be arranged. Also, if you come early, there may be opportunity to fly into the Harrisburg Airport. I live 40 minutes away and can pick you up early Thursday there.
    Hotels and Inns:
    Holiday Inn Express
    Holiday Inn
    Edgewater Inn
    Comfort Inn
    Many, many more
    If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.


    (Btw I’m new) Do we have to pay if we stay at a hotel nearby or is it like a fee for lodging?


    There will still be fees charged by the facility most likely because food is provided. But it would be less.

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    Send Athais a private message to get this information since she’s the one organizing it.

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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