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    The official gathering announcement has been posted.  You can find it at the JRC: http://www.jediresourcecenter.org/vb/showthread.php?t=764 You need to visit the JRC to register, though I believe you can register without creating an account at the JRC.  Please spread the word to your friends who may not visit sites often or who visit sites that haven’t heard about this yet.  Thank you!

    October 21-23, 2011

    What: 2011 Annual Jedi Gathering

    A real-life gathering together of Jedi and Force Followers from all parts of the world and online community to share and exchange knowledge, ideas, insights, applications, and enlightenment related to the Jedi path. In addition, this Gathering also serves as opportunity to meet other Jedi in real life.

    Who: YOU!!!

    No matter how much planning goes into this event, it will only be a success if there are Jedi there to share it and enjoy it. YOU are the ones who will make this Gathering great.  To register or request more information, please submit a Jedi Gatherings Registration Form to be added to the notification list. We’re expecting at least 15-30 people this year!  

    When: Friday October 21, 2011 – Sunday October 23, 2011

    Lodge check-in time is 4 pm on Friday. Check out time is 2 pm on Sunday. Tent site check in time is 2 pm and sties are available on a first come first serve basis. People can filter in throughout the weekend, although everyone is encouraged to be there for the full day on Saturday when the majority of workshops will take place.

    Park Schedule:
    Gate Hours:
    8 am – 8 pm, Sunday to Thursday
    8 am – 10 pm, Friday and Saturday
    Office Hours:
    8 am – 5 pm, every day

    Sunday October 16th there will be optional participation in the Texas Renaissance Festival from 9 am to dusk.

    Location: New Caney, Texas

    Lake Houston Park
    22031 Baptist Encampment Road
    New Caney, Texas 77357

    Phone: 281-354-6881
    Website: http://www.houstontx.gov/parks/ourparks/lakehoustonpark.html
    Campsite Map: http://www.houstontx.gov/parks/images/lakehoustonpark/campsitemap.pdf

    Lake Houston Park is located about 30 minutes north of Houston. It is accessible from Hwy 59 and FM 1485. Signs point the way from that intersection.

    Jax or another Houston Jedi will be available to pick people up from the airport on Friday, preferably Friday afternoon. Please fly into George Bush Intercontinental (IAH). Do NOT fly into Houston-Hobby since it is a significant distance from the campground. If you need to make other arrangements for pick up, please contact Jax when booking your flight unless you wish to rent a car.

    Transportation will likely be the highest cost of the Gathering. If you are not experienced in finding good airline deals, feel free to contact Jax for assistance. You should be able to find a ticket for under $400 and under $300 is likely attainable as well. If you are driving, keep in mind the possible rising cost of gas.

    Accommodations: Lodging Lodges and Tents

    Lake Houston Park has two lodges:

    Lazy Creek Cottage Lodge is handicapped accessible, has bunk beds that can accommodate 26 people and has indoor showers and restrooms for the comfort of guests. There is a full size kitchen, a refrigerator, stove/oven, fireplace, and heat and air conditioning. There is also an outdoor patio with a group fire ring, benches, picnic table, and large BBQ grill.

    Forest Creek Cottage Lodge meets the requirements set in the Americans with Disabilities Act and can accommodate 12 guests. There are bunk beds in the main living area and a private bedroom with 2 twin beds. The cottage has indoor shower facilities, a changing area, a fireplace, heat and air conditioning, and a cathedral ceiling and ceiling fans. In addition, there’s a large dining/activity area, patio with a large BBQ grill, fire ring, benches, picnic table, and a beautiful view.

    You will need to bring your own linens for both lodges and the Houston Jedi will provide cooking and dining utensils.

    Pets are not allowed in buildings in the park and dogs must be kept on a leash.

    Camping facilities include walk-in campsites with a tent pad, lantern post, picnic table, fire ring, and BBQ grill. Water is centrally located. A shower building with restrooms is available. Tent campsites are limited to 8 people and 2 tents per site.

    Campground Amenities:

    Lake Houston Park is a 4,986 acre wilderness park with a nature center, park ponds, 12 miles of hiking and biking trails, and 8 miles of equestrian trails.

    Cost: $20-$35 per person for lodging, free for kids 12 and under

    Lodging Costs:

    Lodging costs for the Gathering will be as follows:

    $20 if paid in full by April 14, 2011
    $25 if paid in full by September 1, 2011
    $35 if paid at the door October 21, 2011

    Kids 12 and under are free

    Lodging costs above will cover lodging from Friday evening October 21 to Sunday morning October 23, 2011. For those attending the Renaissance Festival and staying overnight Sunday, lodging will be an additional cost, also dependent on the number of people.

    PLEAE NOTE: Payment must be received by Thursday September 29, 2011 in order to guarantee a spot in the lodge. If payment is received after September 30th, spots may or may not be available. It is highly encouraged that you submit a $15 dollar deposit as soon as possible to reserve your spot.

    Tenting Costs:

    Tent fees are $7 per site plus $3 per person 13 and older. If you are considering tent camping, please contact Jax to discuss it.

    Food Costs:

    Food costs for the weekend will likely be between $10 to $20 for dinner Friday night, all of Saturday’s meals, and Sunday’s breakfast. Monday food costs will also be additional, although group food options may be available depending on group consensus. Exact food costs will be determined closer to the event and every attempt will be made to keep costs as low as possible. There is also the option of providing your own food for the weekend.

    Texas Renaissance Festival Costs:

    For anyone who wishes to attend the Texas Renaissance Festival, costs are as follows:

    Group (25 or more): $15 adults, $6 children (must be bought ahead of time)
    Advance (bought before September 24): $16 adults, $6 children
    Discount (bought ahead of time but after Sept 24th): $19 adults, $9 children
    At the gate: $23 adults, $11 children
    (Children are ages 5-12, 4 and under are free)
    As you can see, costs increase as it gets later in the year so the earlier we know who is attending the better. If we don’t have the numbers to buy group rate tickets it is easiest to purchase tickets online and print them at home. If you have any questions, ask Jax.

    Costs for food and drinks at the Renaissance Festival are a bit pricey and can add up quickly depending on your appetite, so be sure to bring enough funds or your own food. Additionally, you may want to bring some extra money for souvenirs. Some booths take credit cards, but many may not. There will be ATM machines available throughout the festival grounds.

    In order to reserve the lodges, we are asking for a $15 deposit by April 14th. You will be sent details on how to send your advance deposit when you submit a Gathering Registration Form. Full payment can be made at the door or at your earliest convenience. Paying the full amount at least one week in advance would be quite helpful, however, as groceries need to be purchased before everyone arrives.

    For anyone with financial considerations, please contact Moonshadow at Moonshadowlight5@gmail.com to discuss available options.

    Food: Optional Meal Plan / Bring Your Own

    Everyone will also have the option of either purchasing a meal plan or bringing their own food to cook in the available kitchen for their meals on Friday through Sunday. For those people who purchase a meal plan, Friday night’s dinner, all of Saturday’s meals, and Sunday’s breakfast will be provided. Every attempt will be made to accommodate anyone with food allergies or special dietary restrictions. An exact menu will be determined closer to the event. Meals are not catered so everyone will be expected to help in some way, whether that is in preparation, cooking, or cleaning after.

    Events: Workshops, Activities, and Discussions

    An exact schedule will be provided a bit closer to the event, but likely activities may include, but are not limited to, Reiki training, energy training, sensing exercises and games, sword/lighsaber training, meditation, making lightsaber cloth bracelets, and hiking.

    If anyone is interested in leading a workshop or have any suggestions for workshops, please include that information in your Jedi Gatherings Registration Form.

    The main activity for Sunday will be the Texas Renaissance Festival for anyone interested in attending. The theme for that weekend will be 1001 Dreams. Details can be found here. Feel free to dress up in Jedi robes for the event. You can also bring weapons but they must remain sheathed. Details can be found at the website above.

    Please indicate on your registration form whether or not you will be attending the Renaissance Festival and whether or not you would like lodging for Sunday night so we can make the necessary reservations.

    Packing List

    A rough packing list can be found here, although you will not need any tents unless you’ll be staying on one of the camp tent sites.

    __________________________________________________ ___________

    IMPORTANT: In order to register for this Gathering or ensure receiving updates for future Gatherings, you must fill out the Jedi Gatherings Registration Form. Even if you’re not yet positive that you can attend, submitting this form if you are at all interested helps us to get a better head count and assists us in planning events and notifying you of updates.

    Please contact Jax at jackie.meyer@gmail.com or Moonhshadow at Moonhsadowlight5@gmail.com with any questions or for more information.


    Please take questions, comments, suggestions to the JRC thread so everything is in one place.  Thanks :-) 


    This is just a reminder to please fill out the gathering registration form, even if you are a maybe.  I need to have a rough idea of who is coming when I reserve the lodges.  Thank you.


    I will most likely be coming. :) I will fill out a form.


    I definitely look forward to it! You are a Texas after all, even if you’ll be away at school. :-)


    With a few more people who I know haven’t registered we’re up to 15 adults, 3 kids, and 1 toddler. :-) As long as everyone can attend it will be a great gathering, even if no one else registers (which there will be).


    Woo hoo!!!


    Now I just need a few of those deposits so I’m not paying $200 next week all on my own… lol


    Well – I won’t know until a day or two before the Gathering if I can attend – and likely will be a drop-in.

    If so – I’d like to some stills and video to create something for some Jedi outreach/info.  But I don’t make it – and it’s always a big “who knows” with my job – I hope someone takes a lot of photos of activies and people!!!

    I think it’s a great way (if there are some interesting activities maybe some interviews if ok’d by the individual) to show the Jedi Path and it’s global interest/application!


    We’ll do our best to document. :-)  If we are able to do it without too much trouble we can get video of lessons as well, but we’ll see.  It’d be great if you could drop in.  Just plan to visit your houston store and take a weekend off in the middle of it. hehe

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