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Jax created the topic: Beginnings

I wrote this for a newsletter and want to share it here.

We all start from somewhere. When I first looked around for the Jedi path, back in 1996, it didn’t really exist in a form that I could follow. I found a meditation and a mentor of a sort that gave me things to think about over the following months. But with so little available my path wandered off to college and the Marine Corps, exploring religion, sexuality, gender...basically discovering who I was with the information available to me. It was 5 years later when, in an attempt to find inspiration to handle a difficult situation in my life, I picked up two Jedi Apprentice books. Within I found the wisdom that brought me to the Jedi path years before. I went back to the internet and this time found an actual Jedi community! I found a mentor, trained in various programs, and before long found myself leading training programs myself. Throughout that time I often blazed a trail because there was only so much information available. One of my personal goals is to leave a clear trail behind me so those coming up after have an easier time of it and can blaze more trails ahead of me.

For people arriving now, the quality of training is higher than what I found over a decade ago. I have observed and participated in this process. I know how much training and effort goes into creating training programs for others. I also see how far we are from reaching the dream of what the fiction shows us with offline training praxeums and being a Jedi for a profession. I see new people find the community and expect so much more than what we can deliver today. Occasionally they will speak up, but it is rare. If they did, I would tell them that I share their dream! I want to move to a Jedi Praxeum and devote my time to training and teaching, to focusing entirely on my development instead of the 9-5 job. And I believe you’ll find this is true of the vast majority of the community. The only difference is that, instead of being disappointed and walking away, we got to work creating the future we want to enjoy. That’s my challenge to all Jedi. What can you contribute? The Jedi path we desire isn’t going to be built in a single lifetime, but across generations. We are building the foundation from all who walk the path and share their contributions. No contribution is too small. In fact, you may have a key piece that pulls a whole area together.

Currently, the bulk of my personal training is not under the umbrella of the Jedi because that knowledge doesn’t exist in the community (that I have found). And that’s ok! I bring my training back to the community, putting a Jedi spin on things whenever I can. In this way I strengthen myself and the Jedi path. Up until the last year or two, there weren’t any books written by Jedi Realists available to learn from. This has changed with books from Kevin Trout and Alethea Thompson. The Jedi Path continues to evolve and deepen and reaches more and more people every day. If you’re reading this, you found the path for your own reasons. You have a lifetime of experiences leading up to today. Those experiences are valuable. Contribute, receive, build this community one person at a time and our descendents won’t be talking about Jedi vs Jedi Realism or Jediism. They’ll just be talking about Jedi, and we’ll all be considered The Beginning.
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