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Urban Fitness

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Johannes (Yoshio) created the topic: Urban Fitness

As the title of this thread already says it, Urban Fitness is something which is on my mind now already for quite some time, even years but it is now that I would like to somewhat share my experiences and my take on it with all of you and I would be very interested in reading about your take on it.

So to get this started, what is Urban Fitness or better said what do I understand by this term?

For me Urban Fitness is not so much a fitness program one follows as it is the general idea of using one's body as much as possible throughout the everyday life. Obviously Urban Fitness can include and even more obvious easily goes along with any fitness program but by itself it is not a program nor a routine which does include single exercises.

But what does it now mean to make use of one's body throughout the day?

For me it does mean and I would like to sum that up by the topics, the areas presented here after that I always think about how can I get in some extra physical activity in my everyday life?

The now to follow list is neither complete nor the only things one can do and that is why I would be very much interested in to read about your takes on it!

1. Walking:
Walking is for sure the most easiest and most fundamental fitness activity we human beings can do. But unfortunately to our modern day lives it seems that we somewhat forgot about it.
So, how can we get walking back into our daily lives when our feed are literally carrying us through our whole life?

For me it means that I do the following:

- Instead of taking the lift, I do take the staircase for up to four floors, levels. Be it either walking up from the ground floor to the forth floor or getting off the lift four floors below the destination.

- Instead of taking the escalator again I do take the staircase. Should the escalator be the only or at least most obvious way to move from one floor to the other, I make use of it but in the way of a moving stair which means I will walk the escalator up or down.

- When using public transportation, especially in inner cities, I will get on one station late and off one station early. Obviously I will do so if this doesn't result in being late or adding like 15 min. when taking the public transportation would last for one 5 min. for the same distance. But usually in inner city areas, at least here in Europe, stations are that close to each other that one can easily walk from one to the next within 5 min.

2. Alternative Transportation:
This can be anything from jogging, running via using inline skates to riding one's bicycle.

I personally am a big fan of using and riding my bicycle. Luckily I'm in a position where that is possible and in the area where I do live most cities and most ways a bicyclist friendly which makes it not only easy but also comparable fast to use the bicycle instead of public transportation or the car.

3. Physical "workouts":
Now this can, obviously, include any kind of bodyweight exercise and that is actually what I try to do but maybe in a not all that obvious way.

- When out shopping for grocery I always bring a backpack or shoulder bag with me so that I'm able to easily carry my shopping back home even if that means to bring a couple of bottles or other heavy stuff.

- At the store I will use the shopping basket instead of the trolley, shopping cart. This not only has the obvious positive effect that one needs to "train" one's arms but your whole body is much more active because using a basket often means that you have to put it down and pick it up again when longing for something in a shelf.

- When I have to wait for something, like on a platform for a train or bus, or in a lift, I will do some balance exercises like standing on one leg or even do some sort of micro squads which means I keep my knees slightly bent all the time and seesaw a little.

- When walking I will also make use of the environment to give myself some extra balance and therefore muscle training. Here I will do my best to walk along the side line of a road marking or even better along the cornerstone of a pavement.

These are only the examples from the top of my head and as I wrote in the beginning, the basic idea of Urban Fitness for me is to be aware of and conscious about how and where I can make use of my body and its abilities to fulfil the tasks at hand.

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Jax replied the topic: Urban Fitness

These are nice little tips. I use some of them, but some are a good reminder to add in a little more from time to time.
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