Instructor: Stryse

Prerequisites: Introductory Course, Creed 101, Jedi Studies 101, Meditation 101 (if not taking it at the same time)

Force 101 balances theory with experience through research and exercises to practice. We recommend this course is taken at the same time as the Meditation course, if possible.  Contact Jax for access to this course and then contact Stryse to tell him you are working on the course.

Outline of the Force 101 Course

Lesson 1 – What is the Force?
Lesson 2 – Views of the Force: Neutral, Living, Unifying
Lesson 3 – Learning to Focus
Lecture 4 – Oneness
Lecture 5 – Developing Awareness
Lecture 6 – Intuition
Lecture 7 – Blocks between you and the Force
Lecture 8 – The Living Force and You
Lecture 9 – Energy and Grounding


Discussion boards have been set up in the IJRS forums for Force 101.  You may post your assignments in these boards (there is one for each lesson).  Just start a new topic under the appropriate lesson.

You may also post your responses to your personal blog or contact the instructor to arrange an alternative means of submitting assignments if that is your desire.