Instructor: Beral Khan

Prerequisites: Introductory Course, Creed 101, Jedi Studies 101

Communication 101 is available for students who have completed the Introductory Course.  Contact Jax for access to the workbook, then contact Beral so he knows you are working on the course.

Outline of the Communication Course

Pre Assessment
Lesson One: Self Talk
Lesson Two: Jedi Communication vs. ‘Normal’ Communication
Lesson Three: Expectation vs. Reality
Lesson 4: Jedi Techniques – Breathing and Relaxation
Lesson Five:Understanding the Power of Words
Lesson Six: Removing Comparisons
Lesson Seven: Avoiding Absolutes
Lesson Eight: Judgments vs. Facts – Making Statements
Lecture Nine: Removing Assumptions
Lesson Ten: Jedi Communication in the Written Word