Site announcements


by Jax M -

Hello everyone! We're very excited to bring you a different format for training. It will still be online, but you won't be posting assignments in the forum. 

Please give us a bit of time to set the courses up. You are welcome to continue training in the meantime just as we did before. We'll announce as each course is available through Moodle. Obviously we'll start with the novice courses that people are actively working on. 

We'll also post instructions for how to use Moodle. 

Until then, familiarize yourself with the rest of the site, chat in Discord, and discover what you learn during this unprecedented time. 

Available courses

Introductory Course
Jax M

Introductory Course

The course will orient you to the Institute for Jedi Realist Studies and the Jedi Realist path as we view it. This course is required before all other courses, no matter how experienced you are.

Note: Jax is still converting the course to this format. If something doesn't work, let her know in the announcements or on the main discussion forum.