Training FAQ

Unless your rank was granted by an Affiliate using the same standards as all Institute Affiliates, your rank does not automatically transfer.  Depending on your level of experience you may take trials for the rank closest to your level of knowledge.  Or we may discuss your background; perhaps create a modified trial to determine your level of knowledge to determine what courses you need to bring you up to speed.  We don’t, however, hand out rank easily.  Rank is not just a way to measure the level of knowledge a person has, but also whether they have internalized the Jedi path, as shown by their behavior and attitude.  That requires us knowing you for more than a week.  Therefor, unless you have been given permission to use your rank with us, we ask that you leave it at the door and join a place where it is the learning and sharing that matters, not the rank.


The reason for this is that we are taking a big picture view of the Jedi community.  Currently, most people interact online because there are not Jedi in their local area that they are aware of.  However, the Jedi path is one that is lived and practiced offline, so standards are set to have meaning offline as well as online.  While our standards are high, all students are given the tools to reach those standards.   Whether or not you have the goal of attaining rank within the Institute, you will find Jedi training of value in your day to day life.  If you would like examples, just ask anyone who has been training for a short while and they’ll be able to provide examples from their work, school, or relationships.

on 11/12/2015 by Jax

Many people choose a name for use with the Jedi community. There are many reasons for this, but it is not a requirement of training. In the past it was rare to know a person's real name. Now that so many utilize facebook it's quite common to know real names. Feel free to use whatever name you'd like, so long as you follow a few simple rules.

1. Don't use a common name from fiction. No Luke Skywalkers or Ben Kenobis please. We aren't role players.

2. Don't use rank in your name. Even if you have a rank granted from the Institute, it is inappropriate to use it as your display name.

3. Don't use offensive or disrespectful terminology.

4. Do think about how you will be referred to. Your display name becomes your name, and we will call you by it most of the time, so long as it makes some sense.

on 11/12/2015 by Jax

Legally a student must be 13 years or older to begin training. We recommend parental permission if you are under the legal age of adulthood in your country but do not require it. If you are under 13 and want to train, we must have parental permission. This is a legal issue, and not a judgement on your maturity or ability.


Of course, there is no upper age limit for training. No one is too old to begin training here, no matter what Yoda says!

on 11/12/2015 by Jax

Training with the Institute is free! We provide the material for courses as a free download for your convenience. We don't want to see anyone unable to train due to financial cost.

on 11/12/2015 by Jax