Language of the Spirit

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As with all of us, we have a language in which we express ourselves. Even though we learn of other languages, we can mostly relate and give more feeling to the language we were raised in or more familiar to. Our mother language.

And just like any language, you can translate it for another language and give a meaning. Even though you can do this, you can never acquire a precise definition. In other words, every word from any language...has it’s own and exact meaning. And even if you use the same exact word to another, it may not come out the same way to another. The definition of the words is undefined or infinite...many answers. Same as it is with a language, which uses words to express feeling to someone else.

That is a physical approach. Now think of it in a spiritual comparison.

Think of language as a religion, a way of feeling and expression of an individual...and think of the words given from our apparent dialect as our way of life, or what we understand and fathom, in that religion. And as always, you can learn another language. Yet every word, every form of expression, remains perfect and unique. As with a group of people that speak a certain language, their are groups that believe a certain religion...and tell it to others so that they can also learn of it's meaning.

Religion...or our the language of the spirit. And as we find our own Creed, we find that we must find our own religion, our own way of life, unique, and like no other. These are the words of expression through our language...that defines it. And yet, to not believe is to believe in not believing. You still believe in something. We all have a religion, even if it is to not believe in religion. You see, it is still a religion.

We have our own form of expression, each and every one of us. We must all find our own Creed. Our own language of our own souls.