Infinite Faith

Long time ago in Italy, a Greek named Zeno came up with an interesting situation which, in a logical setting, could not be solved. He called it Achilles and the Tortoise.

Using simple logic, he couldn't prove that Achilles, a great warrior, could ever win a race between a slow tortoise. Sure, Achilles was physically fit, yet could mathematics prove that he would win, even if we know he will win?

In order to get anywhere, Zeno would insight, you must get halfway there. However, to get to the halfway point, you must first get halfway to that point, and so on and so forth. In other words, in order to get anywhere, even to begin to move, you must first perform an infinity of other movements.

How do we move? Can we prove that we move from one place to another? Zeno gave a situation where it seems impossible for anything to move at all. Yet we move. Why? Do we assume that someone like Achilles will win a tortoise because of our experiences? Or is it believing? Can't we prove something that is so simple and elementary in or lives? A small infant could figure it out by just existing, yet still to this day, the greatest genius cannot prove why.

Achilles and the Tortoise taught me a valuable lesson. Some things, simple as they seem, cannot always be proven to another. Sometimes one has to experience and understand it for themselves. That is when they know it is true. We believe things happen as they do - that is why they happen. We call it Faith, or Creed... to believe in something that we can't comprehend nor fathom. It is when logic cannot solve all our problems. Sometimes we just need to believe in something. Something we know exist that can't be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

We believe that Achilles will win the Tortoise, so he does. Yet we must realize that it is possible that the Tortoise could win, if we believed it just the same as will Achilles. With Faith, we can move mountains - all we need to do is believe it is possible. And it is.

Things exist because we believe in something. With infinite Faith, anything is possible.