Paradigm Shift

(Originally written around 2000 at the site)

I have noticed when Episode I was getting tiring to talk about, those who were influenced realistically about the Jedi began to take on a major paradigm shift. One of these shifts was the experimentation of other sides of the Force. A Light Sider wanted to be Dark, a Shadow Sider wanted to be Light. After that quieted down, I noticed many seemed to doubt the ability to be a Jedi could never really be maintained. Some began to not take it as literally as they did before.

There was also another shift in views. People began to see things so generally, that ideas began to converge. Only a few Jedi sites are still active, sadly to say, and there are those who attempt to band together to keep some of them from being lost.

We are in a period when anything could happen. Personally, many are simply waiting for something to happen. Many of the leaders in the past have quieted down over time, probably because they were discouraged by the many failures. Many simply doubt their own abilities, which is sad, and began to see the Jedi as an omniscient character. Personally, some of us still have this notion that we have to act and talk like those exactly in the Star Wars movies, and we take its fiction so literally, that it is hard to live by it. Which is why we are having the problems we are having now.

The Jedi has only been developed, realistically based, within a short period of time. Some of the observations we have created are ones which are reachable. One of them is that anyone can be a Jedi if they strive to be. Another is knowing that a Jedi is more about philosophy than it is about ritual.

What paradigms will come when Episode II emerges? I can already see a major paradigm shift taking place at this site. It is starting out small, yet this time, it seems to be more concrete and more steady then the other attempts. Many might come to JEDI and think this is another evolutionary stage for the Jedi Creed. I believe it to be this and more. It is the conquest to gather who we are, what we know about the Jedi, and put it together.

Our Jedi Realism groups are getting smaller and smaller because they do not understand the importance of the groups. Maybe you can create another paradigm shift altering the course of our small history. All it takes is a leader with a contrasting point of view to spice things up. New blood and new ideas, the willingness to change, the belief in revitalization. This is the only future we can depend on if we are to ever take ourselves seriously.