The Secret Story

Each of us share a piece of the truth. Every single one of us. Do you feel it?

They say that the truth shall set you free. What we see what we know that exist within our universe. We are all connected to the truth, and share a story...a story so old and so flawless...that even today we keep them within ourselves...and sometimes, we tell others a small sliver of the story. Some of it is still being passed around to this day.

A story is hidden within us...time and age has made it different. We share it...can’t you see it? Some see the story...through a distinctive culture...through a unique religion. They see the story. They believe in the story. Can’t you see...that it is all the same thing? That it is all the same story? A story of hope, of peace, of love, of happiness, of joy, of faith, of goodness, of reverence, of mercy, of salvation, of kindness? You can see it...playing in your head...that moment in time in which you hold a key to the truth. And it will open a door for others...if you let them use it.

Unity is the key, my friends. And we unify to tell the greatest story ever known. The story of our LIVES. Of our universe. Of how we came into being. It is still being written to this day, as others are existing to share the story with us. We are all the authors as well as the readers of this awesome non-fiction masterpiece. The #1 bestseller...the five-star achievement. An 11 from a scale of 1 to 10. Filled with craftsmanship...and workmanship. Nothing else can top it. Complete and intact.

Isn’t it cool!

It’s perfection as best as I know it. Share your secret story...tell others. Give them peace. Don’t let it stay a secret any longer. There are those that want to know you...those that want to like you. You only have to want to...and believe that anything is possible. Anything. And it will be. It will be.

Lay down your fears. Pick up you courage...and carry on. Keepers of the promise...hold your head up high...and be thankful for what life has given you.

We are the reason to live.