Self Development Exercise Five: The Jedi Path

  1. For what reasons did you choose to begin studying the Jedi Path?

  2. What expectations did you have to begin with?

  3. What did you aim to take away from your training?

  4. What talents do you bring to the path? What makes you a good potential Jedi?

  5. What do you think the Path entails?

  6. Are there things about yourself that Jedi training might improve, or help you deal with?

Once a student has begun the process of learning about their own nature, it then becomes necessary to turn their attention to their reasons for having decided to walk our path. As should be obvious by this point, our ideology isn’t for everyone – those that have already realised this will have likely stopped practising, but for those that haven’t, this exercise will help them determine their suitability by critically examining their motives behind coming to the path. The previous exercises should give some indication as to their suitability for studying and living as a Jedi Realist, so this will then put into context what they think they are doing and what they perceive the path to be both for and about.

It has become more and more apparent over the years that many students simply come to the Path believing it to be either easy or fun, not understanding that the principles upon which our movement was founded are both serious and difficult to learn. A significant amount of time and effort goes into training as a Jedi Realist – on average, it is expected that a student will take between 9-10 years before they become competent as a student: though the theory itself doesn’t take long to learn, they need to obtain the methodology within their own minds, then focus on filtering their life experiences through that in order to understand it. Then there are the physical aspects to the training, as well as the emotional methodological training, the energy work etc – the list goes on. A lot of students simply don’t understand what the path entails up to this point, so this is designed to ascertain the nature of their preconceptions and, if they are not willing or able to proceed with the training regardless of potentially mistaken notions, at least they have the opportunity to withdraw from the training before they get too far involved.

For those that do choose to continue, though, there is yet more to be done with regards to Self-Realisation (as is realistically true at every level of training).