Self Development Exercise Eight: Regular Self-Assessment

If possible, this exercise should be done once a month, so the student can keep regular records of their targets and aspirations, and to determine whether they have achieved any, or whether greater efforts are required in order to help them to do so. It also gives them a clear idea of how they are changing mentally and physically, and also to assess whether or not they are falling into any particular patterns – some of which might be good, others of which might require some work in order to correct.

  1. What do you feel has changed over the past month with regards to the following three categories?

    1. Mental

    2. Emotional

    3. Physical

  2. Are you satisfied with any of these changes? If so, state why and if not, why not?

  3. How have you felt this month, overall?

  4. On average, how much sleep have you had, per day, over the course of the past month?

  5. On average, how much exercise have you had, per day, over the course of the past month?

  6. What are your eating habits? Are you keeping a balanced diet?

  7. Have you realised anything about yourself over the past month that has surprised you? If so, how do these things differ with your previous perceptions regarding yourself?

  8. Any goals for the next month?

A student should endeavour to maintain good records with regards to these exercises, and should also provide copies to their mentors (if they have one/any) so that they can make their own assessment of the student’s progress over time. Some students also find it helpful to share and compare their self-awareness assessments, in order to gain some external insights on the changes that have occurred over time.