Unifying Force

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This is the commonality of all the Force.  This is what flows freely through all life and binds all life together.  There are 2 other aspects to the Force which is the Personal Force and the Living Force.  The Unifying Force is what connects those two aspects together. 

As it has been discussed in the other two sections the Unifying Force in its natural state, is neutral.  In its continual flow through all life as it travels it can be affected by the Personal and Living Force.  This is how our Personal Force can affect our surroundings.  An example that was used earlier, discussed when walking into a room you can just feel the negative or positive energy.  This is due to a Personal Force that passed through the room and left its impressions in the Living Force of the room by way of the Unifying Force.  Those impressions remained in the Unifying Force and then were passed through the Living Force.  When a new Personal Force walked into the room the Living Force by way of the Unifying Force affects the Living Force that just entered.

Learning how to identify and understand the different aspects of the Force will allow us to become much more aware of our surroundings.  We can also gain a much better and more in depth understanding of what the Force is and how it works.  By way of the Unifying Force we can better understand those surroundings.