The Unifying Force

Believe it or not, but the Unifying Force is not nearly as used as the Living Force. It is the study of the Force in terms of an energy that connects all things, binding everything together. Unlike the Living Force, the Unifying Force takes on a macro approach and focuses on theory and philosophy. Those who do focus on the Unifying Force are extremely philosophical, focusing on the spiritual and mental aspects of the Force rather than the physical ones. It is the spirit that binds everyone and everything together.

There is an image that I like to use when talking about the Unifying Force that you may (or may not) relate to. I think of the Unifying Force as a spider web where each individual strand represents a single thread of the Living Force. Living things are located where those strands cross. If we trace those strands long enough, we will eventually reach every single intersection, or every other living thing. In this way we are all connected. The Unifying Force centers on an idea that encompasses everything rather than the individual, and requires much more though.

How does the Unifying Force affect your life? Why do you think those who tend to focus on the Unifying Force are in the minority?