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Humility is one that is seen often in a Jedi, but it is also one that is often not seen.  Someone who has humility does not go around and bragging about what they know, do, or who they are.  They do not go around flashing their degree or any other accomplishment they have done.  They are proud for what they have accomplished but they feel no need to go around and talk about it, unless questioned.  You often hear people also use the word humble.  It means the same thing.  Having humility is being humble.  A Jedi is not arrogant.  A Jedi does not feel the need to go around flashing their resume so to speak.  Humility gives you another lens to look at yourself and the world.  If you become arrogant, the next step from there is entitlement.  I did this task so because I did that, I am entitled to this big golden statue with my name engraved on it and my grocery bill paid for over the next month. Someone who is arrogant believes they should have something because they did something.  Think about yourself, think about others around you.  Do you know anyone arrogant, are you the arrogant one?  If you answer yes to it being yourself, ask yourself why.  Here are a couple of things to ask yourself when talking about humility.

Do you continually talk about what you have done?

Do you expect certain things in life because of your accomplishments?

Do you believe you are more important because of something you have done or something you do?