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A Jedi does everything in moderation and with self-control.  To do otherwise is letting you emotions take hold of you and control what you do.  The key word in restraint is control.  We don’t go out and drink 15 beers or have 12 shots of hard liquor because we know before that point we have lost control and are no longer showing restraint.  Sure, where and when it’s legal, have a couple of beers but know your limits.  That is the second part to restraint.  Know your limits.  Learn how much you can eat without gaining weight.  If you just cook up a bunch of food and sit down and have to eat it all you are eating without self-control.  These are example of personal restraint.

Another type of restraint is with others.  If you are at a mall and you and your buds see something really cool but it may something you shouldn’t purchase due to finances there is a good chance you might buy it because you just have to have it.  Maybe you want it because all your friends want it, or you might even think you need it.  Be careful you are not turning a need into a want.  Many people do this to justify what they are doing.  They think they need XY and Z to survive but if they stopped and actually thought about it they would discover that they just want it.  The point is not to buy something on the spot because you really have to have it.  Use your own judgment.  Go home and think on it for 24 hours and then after a full day when you are at home decide if it is something you want or need, if it is a want is it going to hurt you in any other ways.  Will it hurt you financially or something like that?  Use your brain to decide and not your emotions.

This also applies to any confrontation whether it’s a verbal or a physical confrontation.  You never want to rush into any argument and make decisions or choices right away.  Even though you may want to show some restraint and take a moment to figure out what is really happening before you decide what to do.  Now, I understand that for some physical confrontations, you don’t have the luxury of doing this but hopefully we as Jedi have trained well enough that we are able to respond in an appropriate manner.  That is one advantage to taking a martial arts is to learn how to make quick decisions in a decisive moment without bringing injury or severe injury to anyone.  I don’t like using confrontations as an example, at least physical confrontations because it is not a common occurrence on a small scale and most of the time it can be avoided by taking a few precautions.  

By losing control we give in to restraint and what it means to be a Jedi.