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This seems to be something some people demonstrate and some just don't.  Harmony in music is a progression of chords.  A chord in music consists of multiple notes happening at the same.  There are two aspects to harmony, dissonance and consonance.  Consonance consists of chords that are pleasing to the ear, they go together well.  Dissonance is a clashing of notes.  Now why am I talking about music when this is a Jedi site and not a music theory site?  All music, has some dissonances in them, dissonance gives music motion, makes it move forward.  Some of the most gorgeous pieces of music composed has a portion of dissonance even though it might be hard to hear it times but does that dissonance make a piece less beautiful?  Not at all!!  The specific piece of music has one goal in mind, to reach the final resolution, the end of the piece.  There is a clashing along the way but that adds to the content and beauty of the piece and it serves the same purpose of reaching the end. 

In the Jedi community there are many views, often they agree and often they don't.  Many times there is clashing on a specific issue but more often than not a resolution on that issue is resolved as long as the two parties are willing to work together towards that resolution.  Now I can write a piece of music that is completely dissonant and just sounds terrible because there is so much clashing and no work toward resolution or that final goal of reaching an end.  We in the Jedi community need to realize that people who are serious about the Jedi path have many of the same goals in mind but we must also understand there will be different opinions and views on how to reach the final destination.  The journey is a beautiful thing but many times we get caught up in proving our destination is the only way and we are not willing to have some dissonance which will lead to resolution.  If we aren't willing to work together and be able to willing to mesh ideas all we will hear is a composition of dissonance. 

We all have our own opinions on the Jedi path and Jediism but we must be willing to sit down and discuss these things with others no matter how much dissonance there is just remember we are all working toward forming that beautiful harmony and where there is dissonance in harmony there must be consonance which leads to resolution.