Positive and Negative Energy

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Positive and negative energy is not bad or good.  Many times when you say negative energy people automatically jump to the conclusion that must mean whatever you are talking about is bad.  As my quote says, a teaspoon of medicine can help, but a spoonful can kill means exactly this.  Too much of anything can be harmful to you and those around you.  Now, what exactly do I mean by positive and negative energy.  

Mainly, when explaining it to my family I associate it with emotions.  The core of emotions is negative or positive energy, in just different forms.  I won’t go into why I consider each of these either negative or positive but that might make a good lesson for another day.  Laughter, happiness, joy, and etc., represents positive energy.  There are many more but this is just a few.  Negative energy I consider sorrow, sadness, anger, fear, along with many others.  Now let’s take one of each and I’ll show you what I am talking about.  Sadness is a negative energy.  Sadness is not a bad thing.  It is all right to feel sadness when you lose a family member or friend.  Is it a bad thing to feel sadness, of course not!!  Now if you let the sadness take control of you and drive you to locking yourself in your room all day and not eating that are a bad thing.  The sadness is not bad but how you let it influence you can lead to many problems.

Happiness is one of the types of positive energy.  Positive energies do not have as many ramifications as negative energies but you need to keep in mind too much of anything can have bad repercussions.  Due to lamenting in that happiness you might overlook or miss some of the minute aspects in life.

Energy starts in a neutral state.  It is our influence through our Personal Force and the Living Force that affects the way in which energy is influenced whether it’s positive or negative.  Again neither of these is bad.  You need to dispel the myth that negative energy is bad and remember you need to look at the result or outcome of that energy to see what ramifications will result from it