True Tests on Concentrating on the Force

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To be able to block out the noises of our every day world and just feel the Force around us can take a lot of work. I think of the commercial that you see now during the Super bowl where you see the Ref. being chewed out by the coach and he is just ignoring it. Then you hear the commentator say where he learned to do that, man he is taking a beating. Then they pan to the ref. at home with his wife standing over him hollering at him like no tomorrow. Very funny commercial but I see that also as an example. If you practice feeling the Force and being at peace just in the privacy of your home you will have learned to only do it in that environment. Once you learn to feel it and be at peace in your home. Go out somewhere relatively public and just sit somewhere, and just relax. Try to block out the noises you are hearing and try to just feel everything around you in the force while being at peace. The final test would be go somewhere like a major mall or amusement park or somewhere that has a TON of distractions and noise and try to do the same thing. If you can do it in that environment you are well on your way!!