Improving Your Life

Q: I feel dissatisfied with my life. How can I improve it?

A: To transform your life, change your expectations. Life arises out of Mystery: Moments unfold, things happen. Our mind then creates meanings about what happens. We see things not as they are, but as we are. Viewing the world through windows of interpretation and expectation, our mind creates a drama, a comedy, a tragedy, a romance, or a soap opera out of what simply arises. Thus, our mind creates our dreams and dramas and stress appears as the mind resists what is. To attain freedom, make peace with Mystery; to reinvent your world, shift your expectations. Reality is not what we think.

Personal Applications:
If the subject of an ocean cruise comes up, do you expect fresh breezes, delicious and abundant food, pool side shuffleboard, dancing under starlight, and exotic ports of call? Or do you imagine rough water, small quarters, and seasickness--the Titanic?
If you have gone on a cruise--or on a camping trip--did reality match your expectations, or were there some surprises?

Positive expectations don't always breed positive experiences. Those with idealistic expectations are often disappointed when reality doesn't meet them.

*Have you gone to a film or party or vacation expecting it to be absolutely fantastic? Did your experience meet your expectation? Do you think your experience would have been different if you had different expectations, or none at all?