All One

All One


“For my ally is the Force, and a powerful ally it is. Life creates it and makes it grow. Its energy surrounds us and binds us. Luminous beings we are, not this crude matter.”

“Feel it, you must. Feel the flow. Feel the Force around you. Here, between you and me and that tree and that rock. Yes, everywhere, waiting to be felt and used. Yes, even between this land and that ship.”

This week I want to talk about something that is implied by Yoda’s explanation of the Force, though maybe not directly stated. Since it isn’t really directly stated, we might tend to overlook it. But that is the idea of connectedness. The main key to it is pointing out that we are “luminous beings” as opposed to “crude matter”. That may be something in the story, but it is also a spiritual reality.

The word luminous is associated with light. If you look at the properties of light you see it penetrates all things and it does travel both between and through everything. If you use a prism with light or look at a rainbow. you can see separate colors of light, but is the light really separate? No. It all flows together. In the spiritual sense we are just like that light. We are not separate from each other, though we can distinguish each personality like you can the colors on a prism or a rainbow. But we all flow together. What effects the one effects the many. We are connected. We are all one.

Our bodies of crude matter may appear as a separator in the physical world and from a physical perspective. But this is not the root or elemental truth. The crude matter is not who we are. The crude matter is not what we are. The crude matter is merely a shell. An organizer for the physical world. Not that the crude matter is unimportant. It does have it’s place. It is important to take care of our earthly body as it is the vehicle which we use to interact with the physical world around us. Our X-wing, you might say. But it should not be allowed to blind us to who we really are.

Now say, for example, that you are waiting in a long line to get on a ride at a theme park, or the grocery store, wherever. You are about mid-point in the line, but the line is moving very slowly. Of course the guy at the front of the line is smiling, as he is getting to be next. That might tempt us to grumble and think to ourselves that it is not fair that he is getting to be next. Why does he get to be in line way ahead of me? But is that really true? I’d like to suggest that it is not. Is there really any difference between you and that guy in front? No. You are both the same light. Both parts of the same whole. There is no reason to be frustrated with that guy at the head of the line because really it is you who are the first person in line. You are also the second person in line, the third, the fourth, etc. You are all those people and they are all you. So should you be upset that you are at the front of the line? Of course not.

Now let’s take a look at the end of the line. You are also that guy at the end of the line. Should you be upset that you are at the end of the line? No, because you are also in the mid-point of the line and you are also first in line.

Now of course it would not be polite to go to the front of the line and inform that other person in the front of the line that they must trade places with you because really you are him and he is you. That wouldn’t make sense in a crude matter world and is considered socially unacceptable. So that is not really within our power to change, but our thinking about the reality of the spiritual sense is. But looking at the guy at the end of the line, it is possible, and even socially acceptable to go to that guy and offer to switch places with him. Perhaps his crude matter body is old and feeble and you feel for him and wish for him to have less time standing in line. After all, this is not some other person old and feeble standing at the end of the line. This is really you, old and feeble standing at the end of a long line. Do you want to have to stand in line with an old crude matter body that hurts to stand that long? Of course you don’t. So you will be improving your own condition by trading places with yourself. And this you can control.

Of course other people might label us a sucker or think we are being silly by doing something like this, but are we? No, we are simply helping out ourselves. And this lesson can be applied to any other situation. Whenever you help anyone else, have you noticed it makes you feel better somehow? That is because you really helped yourself. Have you ever done something to someone and supposedly got away with it, but it continues to eat at your conscience? That is because you actually harmed yourself.

So really this lesson of Yoda’s has a much deeper meaning than simply lifting and X-wing out of a swamp. The more we realize the connection we have with that other, the rock, the tree, nature, the cosmos, the more we learn to take correct action when it comes to relating to the cosmos around us and deciding how to treat others and nature. We are all one.