There is only the Force

‘The Force’? An intangible energy which binds us all together? The manifestation of a ‘higher power’? Magick?

All things are made up of atoms, which are nuclei orbited by electrons spinning at huge speeds. At certain times, if all the electrons are on one side of the atom, the other side will have a small positive charge. If an atom close by has a small negative charge on one side, the two atoms will be attracted. This is called Van De Vaals force. So even something as seemingly 'lifeless' as a rock or pebble, has all these little forces within it all the time.

If you are wearing plastic soled shoes and you slide your feet over a nylon carpet, there's a good chance you'll get an electric shock the next time you touch something metal, due to the build up of static electricity.

I could bore you silly with more of this kind o f example, but I won't. Suffice it to say, there are lots of 'little forces' everywhere! And they are capable of 'connecting' and it is possible to manipulate them.

However you describe it, or relate to it, most of us agree it exists. The Force is it’s own reward. The good thing about being in touch with the Force is being in touch with the Force. For those of us lucky or skilled enough to connect with it on a daily basis, it is a real gift.

I believe the Force is neither Light nor Dark, good nor bad, although it has the capacity to achieve results that may be considered such. The Force just ‘is’. It is the Force users who change its perspective. I believe that the Force is always moving towards balance, equilibrium and harmony. In many ways harmony is benevolent, but we my have to suffer some hardships in order to achieve that balance.

Your thoughts here please

Homework in your journal: 1) What is the Force to you? How does it manifest itself, how do you connect with it? Do you have a faith? How does a belief in the Force fit with your faith? How does this tie in with your beliefs about death?
2) Force Excercise. Sit in a straight backed chair, with your legs loosely crossed at your ankles. Close your eyes and concentrate. Clap your hands together and rub them vigourously together. Now, open them up and slowly bring them towards each other. Remember to concentrate. What, if anything, can you feel?