All Within the Force are Equal

In everyday life observing other Jedi groups I feel many forget this. Within the Force everyone is equal. All have a purpose here and ones purpose of being here is no more important than another's purpose. True Jedi feel the only thing greater then them is the Force. If they think they are better then person X, then they are not true believers and followers of the Force. I see many people that think they are superior to someone else because they contain a wealth of knowledge but what they forget is it is impossible to know everything. The person they are putting themselves superior to also will have great knowledge but in other topics that they don't possibly understand or even know about. How can you say you are superior to someone else then? You can't. All bring a certain aspect to life and to the Force and to say one isn't as important then another is not a believer in the Force and is not living the life of a Jedi. I live my life by learning from everyone. We can all learn something from each other but that will not happen until you throw out your notions of you are better then person X. I am a private music teacher and I have found I have learned as much about my instrument from teaching as I have from being taught directly. There is no ignorance; there is knowledge.