How do I view the Force

I have a fairly simplistic view of the Force.  The Force is everything that exists.  Everything.  It is, in its simplest form, energy.  We can tap into this limitless energy because we are not separate from the Force.  How can we be separate from something that encompasses everything?

The Force does not have a will beyond that which we give it.  Some people will not like this idea, but that does not make it less true.  If the Force had a will, what stops it from exercising its will on the universe?  How could something happen that is against the will of the Force?  What does this mean to those people who have given themselves over to the will of the Force?  The Force is made up of everything that exists.  When you give yourself over to the will of the Force you have left yourself at the mercy of the predominant thought in the universe.  The most dominant thoughts will be those closest to you, which are yours.  You have in effect given yourself over to your will, but you have not realized it.  But, you have also given yourself over to the will of everyone else around you, which may be the exact opposite of your direction.  This can lead to great conflict and confusion in life.  Realizing the Force does not have a will however can clear this up.  Understanding that your life is created by you gives you power and freedom.  You choose your life, in every moment, so choose consciously and wisely.

That having been said, we can still use the Force for guidance.  We use meditation and other techniques to tap into the vast amount of information present in the universe.  Some people see into the future, others the past.  Sometimes we just want to know answers to those universal questions of life.  We can simply ask, and often times find the answer presented to us, in many different ways.  Many of us have forgotten how to do this, though in time, with practice, anyone can learn.  

I personally find the idea of the Force being there, but not interfering in my life, rather freeing.  I know that my life is my choice, and that whatever I choose is ok.  Because of this I try to choose consciously how I live my life, in all moments, rather than letting others choose for me.  I hope the same for everyone around me.  The Force will always be with you, and you will always be with the Force.  Enjoy exploring and experiencing it.