Exercise to Feel Ch'i

The following was written by Aslyn Denethorn AKA Jedi Scholar, from the old Light Jedi Training Program at the Force Academy. He didn’t exactly create the following procedure so I don’t think it would bother him if I used his words to help others learn.

Now (that) we’ve examined some of these traditional concepts, I’d like everyone to try a small exercise, based on energy work that might help to make the idea a little more real for those still trying to get a physical sense of the Force/Life Energy to complement their psychological belief.

First sit down and take a few deep breaths to calm your mind and keep it clear. You can play some calm music in the background, but make sure it’s not distracting. Meditation music tends to work well for me, but whatever keeps you calm without making your mind wander will be fine. Now, hold your hands in front of you, shoulder-width apart but facing towards each other, palms inward.

From there, I want you to keep your breathing regular, and slowly push your hands together. Do you feel anything? Once you do, try slowly pushing them outwards. Do you feel any resistance? As you learn to sense energy in that manner, try working with it – try some basic movements and seeing if you can feel the energy around you as you do them. For those of you studying any physical activity – a martial art or a sport etc, try feeling the energy in the movements you perform there. Just as a small exercise for you.

Anyway, to finish up for the lesson, I want you to consider what I’ve said so far, and give thought to how it relates to the way you view or perceive the Force – is Chi a close match to your perceptions, or is it wildly inaccurate? Are there areas where it matches your beliefs but differs in others?

Aslyn Denethorn

The above is designed to develop one’s sensitivity to ch’i in the hands. If doing the above doesn’t lead to any sensations try vigorously rubbing your hands together prior to the exercise until they are hot. Also, experiment with just using the middle and/or index finer of one hand and the palm of the other. Without physically touching the palm, poke at and swirl the finger. Keep in mind there are many different sensations of energy, and they will probably be different depending upon where you are focusing.