Here it comes, and there it goes - The Force

I was talking to a good friend about Chi recently, the methods of harnessing it, and also thinking about how it is used in the body. Then I was talking to a good friend about energy in general, The Force I suppose you could say, and how if one is raising their internal energy storm clouds can gather about on a regular basis to provide more. Then I went on the train of thought, the most dangerous train one can go on for it is riddled with doubt, of the use of the energy. It has been proven there is sufficient potential energy in any particle to equal that of a great many suns if it is released, and that there is a massive amount of background energy, in fact, if we could tap into one square foot of that "background" energy we could power most of the planet for an excessively long time. So this got me thinking again, about The Force and how it provides life and yet, life makes it up. Consider that life is constantly converting potential energy, into active kinetic energy in one form or another. In that, it is lending to the Force, and in that, it is constantly taking from the Force. In the studies of Chi one realizes that life not only does this, but it also pulls from an external "Source" of power it seems, yet, I began to wonder if it wasn't just the background energy around a person. After all, if a persons Chi becomes tainted they become weaker, less able to do things, if it becomes erratic they loose control. More over those states, like all states of being, leave an imprint in the ambient energy around them, and places they reside for long periods of time.

Which of course led me to the conclusion that we are all, in the act of living, using that background energy on some very small scope. Perhaps not any particular background energy, but SOME background energy, and when we use the Force we are tapping into a larger area of that, hence, someone who is very strong with the Force tends to have a presence stretching for a greater area, even if it may be only a few feet. So, this lended me to the obvious and terrible fear that we are USING up the energy. Of course that fear was dispelled almost immediately by training, but secondly, by knowledge. Remember, energy is not created, nor destroyed, only changed. Which is true so long as one remembers the amount of energy available is unlimited, and thereby, there is no NEED to create more energy, only change the form and function thereof.

And, since we are simply bringing energy into more solid forms, from which it will dissipate into less solid forms in using The Force we are actually, on some level, acting as part of the cycle, which is to say, we are not, in essence thereby harming the Force in using it.

Which led me back to harnessing Chi energy and The Force, in essence we are not making our "Chi" stronger, we are promoting the Flow of The Force through the body, and the area at which we make use of that energy, or, in some instances the amount of energy we make use of. Remember, 20 atoms of air have enough potential energy to fuel you for the rest of your life, if you where making use of the FULL power of those particles, so, again, its not necessarily about taking up "More" but in some instances, using less more efficiently.

So, to reiterate, all energy comes from the Force, and goes back to The Force. It does not matter if the energy is more solid, as in a brick, or less solid as in a lightning bolt, it is still The Force.