Introduction into the Force

Your First Steps into a Larger World

The Force is all things, it is everything.  It is you, it is me.  It makes up the very monitor or piece of paper you read this on.  it is the air you breathe, it is the food you eat.  It is pure energy, and all things are made of this energy, just vibrating at various levels.  The higher the vibration, the more complex the object, living or not.

However, being that you are just starting out, I do not want to worry you much with the in-depth explanation of the Force and how it relates to all things.  It only does too confuse a student by making them over-analyze the act of using the Force.  Let us merely say it is in everything, even if you cannot sense it.  There are still a great many more mysteries to the Force, and even the Jedi, as advanced as we have become, have merely scratched the surface of its power.

That brings me to my next point.  Power is seductive, addictive; and gaining too much power, too quickly will lead you down a path you will not like going down.  You will fall prey to the greed and lust within yourself, and you will stray from the Jedi Way.  Not to say, you can never come back, but feeling your own darkness is like a permanent disease.  Once you know the great power it can bring you, you will fall prey to it easier.  If you do fall to it again, it will be even easier the next time, and so on.  The darkness stains your being, it stains who you are...and it forever changes you.  While it gives you a great deal of power, the power is hollow, and is truly weakens you.  It weakens your control, it weakens your resolve, it weakens your character.  The darkness feeds off of you,  but it cannot survive in the light, it cannot survive in the good.  It lives in stains on your spirit, and in the shadows of your mind.  Keep yourself pure, and you will never fall prey to this great threat...not that you won't want to.  You may even have good reason to, but hold your resolve, and stay true to yourself.  Do not sway in your conviction, and keep faith that the Force will be there for you, no matter how bad things might get.