Living Force, Unifying Force, and Guiding Force

Living Force, Uniting Force, and Guiding Force

The Force Triquetra

The living Force has been described as what keeps the Force alive.  Remember, the Force created life, yet it is also sustained by life.  The Living Force is the energy given off by our cells as they die, and then are reborn to die again.  This energy is what makes up the Living Force.  Energy given off by the process of life.  The Uniting Force is the energy that binds us together.  It is what links one life to another, forming us from infinite separate life forms into the web of life that gives us the ability to interact with others on a metaphysical level.  It is what binds all energy, living of not, together in the forms they are.

Think more along the phases of energy: kinetic and potential.  the kinetic energy is the Living Force, while the potential energy is the Uniting Force.  When life begins, on all levels, it draws what it needs from the Uniting Force, changing it from potential to kinetic.  The act of creating life "creates" the Living Force, but it is truly the changing of Uniting to Living.  Death works the same way, just in reverse.  When one dies, the kinetic energy "dies" with them, thus returning to the potential state in which it began, flowing into the Uniting Force.
Certain skills are products of these phases of the Force.  Most sensing skills, danger sense in particular, are skills given to us by the Living Force.  Most Control skills are as well.  The more abstract and difficult skills such as Future-sight and remote viewing are given to us by the Uniting Force.  The Living Force tends to interact as person-to-person or -person-to-object.  The Uniting Force, though, interacts on a broader sense, more person-to-cosmos.

I know, you are thinking "The title speaks of the Guiding Force, too", and you are right.  The Guiding Force is tied together with the Living Force and the Uniting Force.  This is that which guides us all.  It shows us our path, and gives us little nudges from time to time, this way and that, helping us to attain our goal.  The unexplained changes of heart and mind that ultimately change our life-path, those are products of the Guiding Force.

Now, I have explain these three different types of the Force, but I do not wish to mislead anyone.  There is only one Force, the Force.  One does not sense these three independently, because they are not three separate energies.  They are all a part of the Force put to different tasks.  If you were to pour water into a glass that was stained with three horizontal, fat colored stripes, and the light shown through it, what would happen?  The light would change the color of each section of water, but that does not change the water itself.  It is still the same crystal clear water you poured into the glass to begin with.  the colors cannot be taken out and rearranged, nor can one drink only the bottom color, leaving the other two in the cup.  it is all water; just as the Living Force, the Uniting Force, and the Guiding Force are all the Force.