The Cosmic Force

What is the definition of the "Force"?

The Force is an energy field that is generated by all living things and permeates the universe and all things in it. It is clearly indebted to the Od of Baron Carl Reichenbach. Its principles resemble some real-world religions like the Shinto religion of Japan, certain Celtic Druidic concepts, and certain tenets of Ascetic and Mystic Christianity. It also bears a close similarity to the Chinese notion of Qi and many others. The earliest description of this "energy field" would be akin to that of Prana, of which Pranayama is a scientific practice originating in India and a part of Yoga (which predates, and is the basis of chinese martial arts). In truth, the Force is an amalgamation of religions and philosophies, intended as a metaphor for spirituality itself. As in real world spirituality (as understood by George Lucas), there is the potential for a "light" and a "dark" side in each person, and in the universe itself. The "light" would also relate to Yogic theories on leading a noble life, present in aphorisms describing noble children as those who follow the light.