The Will of the Force

I many times find people debating if The Force has a consciousness. No one seems in doubt it has a will. If it did not many of us would be at a lack of explanation of how we got here or what we are doing in life at all. The question seems to be, is The Force sentient? I would think the real question is, how do you define sentience. We can not even determine if WE are sentient much less the force. I say this then, it does not matter if the force is Sentient, but that since it has a will it does have a consciousness of some form, perhaps simpler and maybe more complex than any of us can comprehend. Anything with a will must be able to think and reason on some level, though, when you are EVERYTHING imagine how your knowledge would differ from that of a small part of your self. Consider this, if we have a consciousness, and the force makes us up, then it if nothing else has the consciousness of all of us.

Kind of adds a new level to the whole love your neighbor idea huh?

For anyone having trouble grasping this concept, even just as a concept, consider this, my hand is a part of me, it has reflexes, is independent on some level, though the whole of me provides it with life, it has its own intelligence, muscle memory and automatic reactions, yet I am the greater part of it. My hand has yet to question my sentience though, luckily, and as to my knowledge has not grouped with other hands to discuss if I am intelligent, though I do admit within a universe of limitless possibilities it paints a funny picture of it doing just that.